Monday, April 02, 2007

We Live to Dye Another Day

But First Things, First.
My sock. My lovely, lovely sock. I have finished the gusset and took out the purl ridge for the instep. I am a little concerned that it might not fit. But I always worry about such things and the cotton ones, in particular, always give me the most angst.
Still, it is delightful. The purl ridges were definately the loop I was caught in. Now that I am without them, well, it is ok to just be toted around. Funny thing, that little purl stitch.
On To the Best Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon...
The boys dyed their own skein of yarn to be made into mittens for them.
Eldest was particularly keen on playing with the colors and making his own yarn.
"Hey, Eldest," I say, "do you want to dye your own skein?"
"Will you wear what I make for you out of it?"
There is no winning with this child.
INBA put a lot of red onto this that turned a beautiful (not real boyish) hot pink. Luckily, pink is light red to him.

Obviously, he is ok with it!


The crocus turned out more Iris...
but I still like it.
The Purple split out into a blue.


This was Blue and Black (that split out into some blue) and the same Purple as above, but here it went pink.
This might be my favorite.

This is the Easter Surprise skein.
I used egg dye that was supposed to give (eggs) a marble effect... had an irridescent component.
Obviously, the kit didn't have too much dye in it.
I don't mind that.
When I rinsed it the water was lovely and sparkle-y. I love me some sparkle... but I was hoping it would be on the yarn! Ugh.


Here are my finished skeins.

Special thanks to Laurie for all her know-how and patience with my (eager) boys.
Fake Love
BBINH accused me of fake love. He says that kids can smell it a mile away and that is why they rejected the yarn. (I am paraphrasing here... 'cuz I know what you meant;)
The reality is: there is no more real love than a mother has for her family. It is not fake or insincere to offer up something perceive to be valuable by the receipient even though the giver does not share the same affection. That is still good love.
Fake would be for me to pretend that I give a whoop-de-doo about some franchise or another and act all crazy and stupid and spend inordinate amounts of money on dumb stuff just because it had a decal and then people would like me because I am all fakey and logo'd. That would be fake and insincere.
As it is, I love my family and I am trying my darnedest to find some sort of comfort zone while living in a place that I am not comfortable. I don't know how to love my family more.
It isn't a cliche for nothing..."If Momma's not happy, nobody's happy."
Still, BBINH makes a really valid point (even if it probably wasn't what he was originally going for,) there is no point in trying to be something that I am not. I seriously doubt I will ever care about the Steelers.... but I will say, "go Pens!" (you're right-- you can tell the difference!)
******ok, I am having troubles... blogger is squishing up my post. It did this once before, I thought it was me... but I keep trying to fix it, but it squishes it... what am I doing wrong? *****


LaurieG said...

Post looks fine to me (did you fix it?) Your skeins look better than mine! (And much neater! I'm a slacker, but in my defense I'll say mine weren't dry yet.) Now you have to get cracking and knit some of these up. I think the iris/crocus skein is my fave.

Rani said...

That is the coolest project ever. Right after my bathrobe I'm going to try this. You're a good mommy!