Tuesday, August 29, 2006

God Bless the Working Mom

Not to Say that the Rest of Us Don't Work,
but gee-whiz, how does one do it all? I spent 3 evenings and one afternoon running a booth for our first ever church festival. It was so much fun! I think it was a smashing sucess whether we made any money to help build the new school or not. My point lies in the fact that I was only out of the house for a few days, hours really, and I am exhausted, overwhelmed and waaaayyy behind in my home life. I missed my husband, my kids (ok, the break from them was nice, but I felt left out,) laundry is piled up to the sky and no one has had a decent meal in days. I don't know how you ladies make it all work, God Bless You!

Speaking of God
I guess we can put this one into the "So this is what happens when you raise your kids with religion," file.
Anyone who knows my kids, knows that there is no shortage of creative spark and imagination to them. This is what they were playing in the back seat this afternoon on the way to get their hair cut to go back to school.

INBA: "I am Jesus!"
Eldest: "And I am GOD!!"
I: "How did you make me again?"
E:"I raised you up to be with me. And then I sent you down so that they would know you were with me."
I:"Ah, so I could see my friends!!"
E:"Yes, like James and John."
I:"Oh, but I didn't get to see one."
E:"You mean Thomas?"
I:"No! JJ!!!" Laughter
E: "Let's play another game."
I:"Like Jesus Christ on the Cross?"
E:"Yeah, let's play stations of the cross. I say a thing and then you say, 'that's the best one!'"
I: "I'm the king!"
Game over, cut short by super choppers.

Now, I am a convert, but it isn't like we were raised without any religion, and I surely don't remember playing games like this. It cracks me up, makes me happy and scares me, all at the same time.

So, lets move on to a Prayer Shawl or Two...
Per request of a man that loves his mother, I am knitting a shawl for him to give her for Christmas... and one for a family friend, too.
I took that opportunity to try out Knitpicks' new handpainted Suri Dream.

This is Cascades, the blue and green are more vibrant in real-life. I like it, it reminds me of dusk in the Sierra Nevadas.

This one is Sand Dune, I like it, but I am a little worried about the patterning... It is looking so regular, I am concerned about what will happen when I add the next balls?

I know, I know, this is where you chastise me for not alternating 2 balls to alleviate some of this effect... but that is part of what I like about handpainted yarns... It is a mystery. Sometimes happy, sometimes not. So, I am reserving judgement for another half a ball.

Oh, and About Being Judgemental...

loving the sherbert socks. Must be the quickest to finish pair, yet. Of course, plain ol' stockinette can be that way. I have been avoiding the Mister's Blue Cable Sweater. I frogged all that I had done of the original pattern, found a new pattern that the Mister liked that was plain ol' stockinette with an Ensign Cable up the front, but my gauge was off. So, now I am halfway thru a swatch of the cable and then I will just whip out The knitters handy book of sweater patterns by Ann Budd and work out the logistics on my own. It's not like the arms of any standard pattern would work for the Mister, anyway. *sigh* I am so avoiding having to think.

Been Caught Reading, once, When I Was Six...
apologies to Jane's Addiction.

This is what happened, though. It was about a 8am, it was too quiet, I went looking for the boys. Eldest was reading for pleasure!! Granted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wouldn't have been my first choice for him, but whatever! We can work on the Newberry Prize winners later. I am as proud as I can be and thrilled that school starts tomorrow.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I'm Cleaning, I Swear!
So the plan was to put my Sewing Room back together since I had not made priority to do so and the floors were finished a month ago. Well, I did manage to get a few things cleared up, but then I was messing with my button boxes...

So INBA and I started sorting buttons... I have no less than 5 boxes this size full of buttons. Some are random boxes like this and some are full of only one or two kinds. *sigh* That adds up to a whole lot of buttons. Like, 16 dozen 7/8" tortoise shell type buttons in a box along with 8 dozen 5/8" ones and a few dozen fat black buttons and several more dozen small brown buttons and some small black buttons with ridges and... HUNDREDS of buttons in one box. But this box INBA was sorting because it had lots of different kinds and he loves to sort and it wasn't nearly as full.

As usual, I find more projects for myself without even trying.
Check out this button. I have 7 or 8 of these. Can't you just see an earthy tweed cardigan? Maybe with a shawl collar and side seam pockets? Yeah, me too.

I don't know what I am going to do with these, but obviously something purple is in my future.

I think these will do nicely for the pea pod sweater.

And how do you love this button? There is only one, so it would have to be for something special. Seems like there was a sunrise cardigan that Interweave Knits had a few issues ago? Laurie, do you remember what the name of it was? I think it was circularly knit? I cannot recall exactly but I thought of the picture when I saw this button.

Finally an assortment of creamy and irridescent yellow buttons... looks like something yellow in my future, too.

So many projects, so little time.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't Judge a Sock by Its Skein

Nice and Easy
I dunno, sometimes I just want to knit and not think.
I love my portable relaxation.
Knit around and around and then, "Hey! I need to turn a heel!"
And besides, it makes a warm sock no matter the pattern.
I suppose I shouldn't have to rationalize the fact that I feel the need, desire really, to knit a Magic Stripes sock.
Plain, not Fancy.
So I have this skein of Magic Stripes that Laurie gave me, but I wasn't really excited about the colorway. In the skein, well, it hides it's perky self.
Even the Mister thinks the skein has more ugly going on than anything else.
Well, that's what I get for judging before knowing.
'Cuz I really like the sherbert stripes! These will definately be for the day this winter when I cannot take the grey anymore!
(Uh-oh, I might wear them out, better keep my darning yarn handy.)
Shark Bites, or Orca Oracles.

The ever fabulous Laurie brought me (Really INBA, I am a means to an end) this pattern for Orca Mittens by Maggie's Rags from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
Of course, INBA insists that they are Great White Sharks. Ok with me. I was confused, though, when I let him pick the yarn and he picked a charcoal grey and creamy white. He knows the Great White is grey. I can only speculate undue influence by the pattern pictures. Like it really matters.
Either way, I think this is at the top of the list of unbearably cute knitting. When my kid is wearing wool mittens in August... I think he likes them, therefore I win and get the
"Mommy of the Day" Award.
Thank you for the applause, it was nothing, really.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What Can You Do?

I think it was Ghandi who said,
Be the change that you would like to see in the world.

I get an email newsletter from Creative Knitting, the editor Bobbie Matela. This is an excerpt from the edition that I just received... please take a moment to read.

-I'd like to tell you about an opportunity to help save newborns in developing countries by simply knitting caps for them. The name of this effort is called Caps to the Capital, and it was developed in response to the State of the World's Mothers 2006 Report, released in May. This report revealed that the first 24 hours of life are the most dangerous time for babies in the developing world; of the more than 4 million newborns who die each year, 2 million die in the first 24 hours. A simple knit cap, to help protect and dry the baby after birth, could help save its life.

Knitters and crocheters that heard about this report contacted Save the Children. Then Warm Up America! joined forces with Save the Children and helped spread the word. The goal of their program, Caps to the Capital, is to flood the White House with knitted caps, thus convincing the President that more basic health funding is needed for the developing world. Simple health measures and education could prevent 70 percent of the newborns' deaths. These measures include antibiotics to fight infections, immunizations against tetanus, training for skilled birth attendants, education on breastfeeding and basic care such as drying a newborn baby and keeping it warm (this is where the caps come in). America's leaders and citizens could save millions of newborns' lives by increasing international assistance for programs that offer these inexpensive life-saving tools.

You can read more about this on the Warm Up America! or Save the Children Web sites. Here are the easy steps that will allow you to make a difference.
1. Download the Action Kit, available from these Web sites:www.savethechildren.org orwww.warmupamerica.orgor call 800-728-3843
2. Make a Knitted (or Crocheted) Cap using the patterns in the action kit; also make sure to attach the tag that is provided in the kit.

3. Write the President using the form in the kit so that President Bush knows you care about newborns around the world. Your note and cap must be mailed by January 2, 2007, to Save the Children, P.O. Box 950, Westport, CT, 06881. Let the President know that saving the world's newborns is an important item to include in his budget.
4. Unite for Newborns by calling the White House on October 10. Send in the Stay in the Loop form in the action kit to receive e-mail newsletters and updates about this situation from Save the Children.
I urge you to read more about this and spread the word to other knitters and crocheters. Tell them to visit the Web sites: www.savethechildren.org or www.warmupamerica.org. Post the flyer (provided in the kit) at your favorite yarn shop or community bulletin board.
Save the Children (www.savethechildren.org) is the leading independent organization that creates lasting change for children in need in the United States and around the world. Save the Children USA is a member of the International Save the Children Alliance, a global network of 27 independent Save the Children organizations working to ensure the well-being and protection of children in more than 100 countries.

The Warm Up America! Foundation (www.warmupamerica.org) is committed to motivating, training and coordinating volunteers to knit and crochet clothing and afghans for people in need. Since the Warm Up! America Foundation was founded in the early 1990s, volunteers have knitted and crocheted 12 million squares that were joined into hundreds of thousands of afghans.-

Please consider taking a moment to download the file and a couple of hours to make a hat or two. It is a very small thing that can make a large difference in an infant's life.

That is part of my think Globally, act locally philosophy.

On to the Breaking News from the Family Front

Eldest lost his first tooth on Thursday.
We didn't know it was loose, he didn't know that he had lost it.
How weird is that?
We were having lunch with friends at MickeyD's so that he could play with the C children before they move to North Carolina, and I noticed something dark in his mouth when he came over to get a drink.
I said, "Hey, Eldest, what is in your mouth? Let me look."
He comes to me and opens up his mouth.
"What happened to your tooth?!"
"What tooth?"
"Yeah, exactly! Where'd it go?"
"I dunno, maybe it is on the floor..." and he began looking under the table.
I am just kinda stunned.

So what is up with that? He is getting tall, losing teeth... What's next? Dating?

At least INBA still has all his teeth...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Home Grown

I just know that there is a really good (and perverse) caption for this picture...

Our neighbors (who think, for some reason, that it is more desireable to live in Sydney than the 'burgh and are leaving us,) shared some of summer's bounty.

Is it cucumber envy?
Looking forward to a bed of leafy greens?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Whoa, Where'd I Go?

Good to be Flexible

As it turned out, The Mister did not have to work his Friday off. So, we loaded up the Mayhem Mobile and headed out to Indy to see my Siblings.

The Mister did his usual surrogate husband thing at my Sister's house (that would be fixing sinks and such... dirty, dirty mind.) And then we did a Zoo tour.
The kids got tattoo'd...

And tried to measure up.

My Brother looks pretty good for a guy with a Titanium leg. Still nice and tall. You should see the star-scar on the back of his leg. I will take a picture next time. It was way too disturbing to see this time to even think about taking a picture.

Hey, Kids! Don't Drink and Drive!

I knit a bit on the way, finished an eggplant hat for Bella.

It is really purple and green. Something weird happens with the afternoon light, lately.

Then, I finally finished my Claudia Handpainted socks.

As for what is to be next...

Well, I am working on The Mister's Blue Cable Sweater. Seems like I am going to be working on it for a while. I have been doing 2 rows a night... y e a h ... it is going to be a while. It is just that *insert whine* following a chart, in the evening, when I am tired and achey... *keep whining* it just proves that I love him. He'll get it someday.

Oh, yes, I could be knitting a baby sweater, but brilliant me, I have tangled up the size 7 Crystal Palace Bamboo needles (that are awesome, that I bought to make baby sweaters) in the Mister's Blue Cable Sweater... hmmm... what to do?

In the meantime, I suppose I will begin another pair of socks... maybe that Rock, maybe that sparkle. Maybe I will be inspired.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot Enough For You?

A Hot Sunday calls for Cool Jazz.
And how cool is it to go to the Phipps and hear Jazz in the Garden by Joe Negri and his band.
Yep, that Joe Negri, Handyman Negri... The boys were confused, but enjoyed the music.
I took the picture of Mr. Negri signing a picture for the boys, but I left it to the Mister to get a picture of the band. Ummm, nice backside.

Is that a strawberry tart or are you just a goofy 4 year old?

A little of both, I suppose. This is the knitty Baby Tart, done a little different. It is an infant topper, but stretchy to momentarily fit a kid. It has been sent off for a beautiful child.

Pretty as a Picture

The Mister is very, very good with photographing landscape and wildlife. For portraiture, see above, but for Nature, this is about as lovely as it gets.

And did you know, Luther Burbank of Santa Rosa, California, developed the shasta daisy? Now you do.

"I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned." Luther Burbank, 1875
(he was speaking of Sonoma County...see, it's not just me)