Monday, September 29, 2008

The Problem with A Good Book

... is that I have no self control. I lose myself in a great story. I finally read the copy of Water for Elephants that Mrs. H left on my coffee table, um, a good while ago. Really good. Luckily, reading doesn't make me queasy- who knew that knitting ever would?

The Mister is looking forward to reduced energy bills this winter. I am so overheated that he is complaining that he is cold when I have the windows open in the car or the house. I am still wearing sandals because even those shorty anklets keep me too warm. How is that for irony? And rude. What about all these wool sweaters that I have acquired in the last 3 years and the cardigan that may someday be complete? And more rude? ... a belly on fire and Tums that make it not burn but yucky nonetheless. Rude.

Have you guessed, yet? Why I haven't been pregnant in the last 7 years? You thought it was the trauma of having 2 boys 18 months apart? No. I am a cranky pregnant lady. Complain. Complain. Complain.

In the interest of maintaining our friendship, I will try really hard to refrain from giving voice to the tirade in my head. But really, I am not glowing. I am hot and uncomfortable, having an endless hot flash. Somebody bring me a glass of ice water, please?!

I wonder if I have any other good books around here that I meant to read...
Any suggestions?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello, Autumn!

It has been a flurry of activity in the Mayhem House.

I think it may be settling down... But it may be the calm before the blizzard.

This is a beautiful picture of a beautiful baby wearing the Rocketry I made last spring. Sweet!!

You may have noticed my new little ticker over in the sidebar... More mayhem is brewing for Chez Mayhem. I am expecting our third child in April. It took 7 years for it to sound like a good idea, again, and the Mister caught me at that exact moment. I won't blame him... but I sure couldn't have done it on my own!

I feel fine, but my creative juice has dried up. I have been knitting and reknitting the left front (last piece) of my Must Have Cardigan for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Most recently, my tape measure was broken and didn't measure correctly, so I started my armhole shaping 3/4" early. And then knit another 4 inches before checking again. Darn tape measure! rip, rip. And you know what? I don't really care. I am that blase' about it. Sad. Very sad.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Local Time

The week has wizzed by. Boys are still excited to go to school, the weather has been beautiful and it is amazing how quickly errands go without anyone in tow.

I should confess, for Rani's sake, that I am a mean mom. My chores get done relatively quickly when all I have to do is clean a bathroom (which I loathe to do), vacuum, mop, tidy. I am mean, because, I make the boys clean up after themselves. I said on Monday night, "you boys aren't going to be here to use all this stuff lying around, clean it up so that I can clean up." And they did and so did I. Not to imply that our house is particularly orderly. I have my issue with "hot spots" of clutter, as the Fly Lady says. But, I find that being mean to the children keeps things manageable. Besides, they have the spare bedroom as their "playroom" which they never play in, but they can put their toys there, which is probably the biggest and only reason that the house is not legos and trains from one end to the other all the time.

And huge bright spot on Mayhem Lane... My neighbors are back!!! My neighbors had moved back to Australia, for good, they said. But I went out for the mail today and THERE THEY WERE!!! And Mr. Neighbor actually said to me, "It is good to be home." WHAT?!?!? If Mr. Neighbor can make peace with living in the 'burgh, maybe I can, too... stranger things have happened... maybe. maybe not. Either way, I am thrilled to have my Neighbors back.

My Must Have Cardigan is cruising along. I think the olympics and the soul-sucking black cardigan took more out of me than I anticipated. My creative juices are quite low, suffering on all fronts. I need to contemplate a recharge... maybe knit night, tomorrow, will give me a boost. I hope.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to School

There they go. Off to 3rd and 1st grades.They have been gone for a little more than an hour. My chores are done. I wonder how I will occupy myself until 3?
I will let you know.