Thursday, April 26, 2007

STR Spoilage

No, INBA is not the spoilage... Spoiled, perhaps.
I can't help it, he is just at such a cute moment in his life.

The spoilage is below.
The pattern that accompanied the April shipment is lovely, lacey and knit on 2 circular needles. Ok, I am game. It doesn't call for an incredibly tight gauge like the last one, so I am hot to knit it.
Alas, I need 2 24 inch circular needles in size 2. Ok, I needed to go over to Costco. The "nobody likes green" lys is on the way. I have been feeling bad that I am smitten with the new LYS down the way and I was going to take this opportunity to give grumpy lys one last shot at not driving me away.
It was POURING rain. INBA didn't want to get out of the car, but darnit, Mailman Tim brought me beautiful yarn and I wanted to knit it, he was going to get out of the car!! We splish-sploshed our way up to the door of the lys... and it was locked. Wednesday at noon and the store was closed! Yes, these are her regular hours. Yet again, I am astounded. I want to buy something and she is closed. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Short hours on Saturday. And has the audacity to complain how hard it is to stay in business! Geesh, if you are closed half the week, are you really in business?
So, now I don't feel bad anymore. The new LYS is having her grand opening weekend this weekend. (did you get your postcard? Who is meeting me down there, Saturday morning?) And I will wait (oh, it is killing me, 'cuz I know she is open until 8 tonight) to buy my needles and of course what ever else I can't live without.

This is Superwash wool and Silk. Oh my, it is sooooooooo soft. Not a colorway I would have chosen for myself.... but then it is kinda like receiving a great gift- you wouldn't have bought it for yourself but very much appreciate the receipt of it.
Now I just need my needles.
Say What?
What is this world coming to? People go around making claims like this- it makes my stomach hurt. The Mister points out that my beloved San Francisco is #2, so they must know what they are talking about (he couldn't even say it with a straight face.) I say, who is it and what is it that they have been smoking?


LaurieG said...

Look at those blue eyes!

All I can say is, you moved from SF to Pgh and look what happened...

Celtic Queen said...

I'm wanting to go to Bloomin' Yarns myself but I have to fit it in with soccer and baseball. Not sure I'll make it on Saturday but I can try Sunday in worst case scenario.

Rani said...

Wish I could check out the new store.

Beautiful boy!!

ps. I LOVE green.