Saturday, November 29, 2008

So, Now We Know

Can you believe it?
I still cannot, really...
It's a girl.
A girl.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Impatiently Paitent

Waiting for Friday...
Not for the usual reasons...
Waiting to see what is in store for us...
Worse than waiting for Christmas...

Thanksgiving will be a quiet one this year. The Mister's sister is not coming to the 'burgh with her family this year. So, it will just be us and the MIL. I am going to make a chicken, which I much prefer to turkey, and the usual sides.
Food doesn't taste right to me. So, I am not going to bother making much of a fuss. I joke that the baby doesn't like the usual comfort foods. But the baby does like milk and cheese and yogurt (which usually don't do much for me) and the baby loves apples. The baby prefers tart and sour, sweet things don't even register as taste. Oh, and the baby really likes beer. I made a loaf of "almost no knead bread" and had 3/4 of a beer left over, so I drank it... ooooooh, that was the best beer ever. Again, usually not much interested in beer.

INBA's class is doing mass tomorrow. He is reading one of the intentions. He is excited because they are going to have "real candles with fire!" Um, yeah.

I have startitis with my knitting, projects in general. Nothing holds my attention for long. My sister has asked for a warm hat that she can wear under her hardhat. My sister is a boilermaker. Seriously. She is working outside, third shift, on the Ohio River. Brr. I had given a hat to my niece, an unoriginal hat, I think, and my sister has been wearing it to work. The cables aren't very comfortable under her hardhat. And it is Malabrigo, so you know how yummy and warm it is. So, she wants a hat of her own. But, I would rather knit baby things... waiting to knit baby things.

So that is all there is to distract me until Friday morning. Then, a look at our babe. Geesh, it is hard to be patient! I don't know how some people wait the whole 9 months to find out...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

November, Already?!?

I did try posting a couple of weeks ago, but The Mister had tinkered with the firewall and it was not allowing me to post. I totally get that the internet is not the safest place to be walking around at night, but I still need to give my pictures to blogger!!
He fixed it, or because it is 10 am on a Saturday, I am allowed out to visit my friends.
HI, FRIENDS!! Anyway, this is what my Anniversary gift looked like. I think it ended up with 5 blooms. Quite lovely. I have a good Mister. He cannot bear to buy me cut flowers anymore. He plants bulbs and annuals in the yard for me... so that I can cut them. The *expletive deleted* chipmunks ate the oriental lily bulbs that he planted last fall and the deer chomped the ones that they missed. I only had 2 that they somehow missed.
That was a tangent.
Anyway, we had amarylis in our yard in Long Beach, CA that bloomed at Christmastime. All colors and stripes (always a good idea to buy the home of a good gardener.) It was quite beautiful in December.
In the month of October, the wool fumes were still making me nauseous, and I became enamoured with other craftiness. Coupled with co-chairing the parish craft fair and these little jems being a "make and take" project, I fell down on the snowman ornaments. My favourite is the regular old coal eyes and mouth with a carrot nose, but the wink amuses me, too.

INBA wanted one that was surprised.

And a dog, of course.
These are super simple and too much fun. I have to close my eyes and walk quickly past the ornament aisle at Michaels, now. I made a dozen. I would like to make more. But if you make some and post the pictures on your blog, then I can have a fix and we will both be happy... Great Idea!!
All you have to do is get some ornaments. I used the flattened ones, but it would work with the regular round ones, too.
Then get some Buffalo Snow. I bought the all irridescent pack, I like sparkles.
Then get some Squiggles fabric paint. They have wonderful points for writing. I used Black and Orange. Again, irridescent, I like sparkles.
First, I drew on the faces with the paint.
If you make a mistake, you can wipe it right off. Try not to do too thick, it takes a lot longer to dry.
Set them aside to dry, overnight and you don't risk smudging.
Second, remove the top of the ornament. While holding over a bowl, stuff pinches of snow into the ornament. It goes everywhere, there is a lot of static involved. I have a wide, shallow plastic bowl that I bought at the dollar store. The bowl caught most all of it. It is super useful in the craft room. I also have one in the kitchen that is great for everything from popcorn to holding the halloween candy. A buck, people. Another tangent, sorry.
Second, part two, fill the ornament one third to one half full. The snow sticks to the inside of the ornament and it only takes a little to make you think snowman. Put the little top back on the ornament.
Third, cut a lenght of 1/4 inch ribbon to be your tie.
Super easy, highly addictive, great little gift for the holidays.

And then there is paint.
These beauties are the round ornaments with 3 colors of acrylic paint dripped in and swirled around. Include a mettalic if you do them.

Blue, white and gold, above.
Red, white and silver, on the left.
I only did the six pack of these guys. You must be patient while swirling the paint around. And, if you use too much it takes weeks for them to dry- there gets to be a puddle in the bottom.

And I haven't even told you about the cute shark pj pants I made for INBA or that I am knitting again!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hey. Go vote. You still have a little time left. I don't care who you vote for, just vote.

There were 2 people in front of me at my polling place. Usually, there is no one there. I guess that is a big turnout. Of course, it was 11:15am and I was trying to avoid a rush. Poor Mister, he has to go after work... he will be a while, I bet.

So, vote. It is your moment to have a say.