Thursday, June 29, 2006

The WeatherPerson

How do you explain to a 4 year old what a "weatherman" is and is it always a man and why do they call it a man if it isn't a man and how do they know what the weather is and why don't they know what the weather is? *whew* Well, let's just say that the Weather People said that there was a 30% chance of rain today... I think what they really meant was, it will rain only 30% of the day. I won't even speculate as to whether or not we can get any soggier, 'cuz you know what that will induce. Oh, and we were at the ZOO when it began to POUR a COLD rain. The sidewalks were steaming. Fun.

Funny Memory
The summer I was 17 we lived in Grand Rapids. I worked at the Mall in Holland (don't ask why.) I was obviously the low ant in the hill and had to work every weekend all summer. That isn't funny, you say? It is funny that it rained EVERY weekend that summer, but was gorgeous on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, my inevitable days off. There goes my best summer.

What Have You Been Doing?
Well, I finished the blasted Jaywalker and immediately shoved them into a basket, out of sight. I finished The Mister's Green Socks. He immediately squirreled them away, with a touching, "thanks for knitting me socks," from the top of the stairs.
I want to start a sweater, (yes, in July) but I am torn if it should be a cable sweater for my husband or a cardigan for a baby boy. Either way, blue is involved. The Mister thinks I should love him more and make his sweater first. It isn't that I don't love him, but babies are so cute... but so is the Mister. Hmm. I did just make him socks. Hmm.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Let me allay your fears... we didn't lose the 2 year old at the T, he was running off down the platform like he had somewhere to go.

And if you would like to have even more clarification of much more important subjects... go see Mr. Sligo at Story and Pictures. My politics and world views become painfully obvious when I say that Mr. Sligo is pretty right on, in my book. I just wish I was so eloquent in expressing it. OOH, then maybe I actually would have a book of my own.

I know there are a lot more of you reading my blog than commenting, lurking under a cybercloak. And that is fine, The Mister has made clear that my posts are lame... his life isn't any more interesting, I assure you. But Sligo has some real things to say. And if you disagree, say so, I'd love to watch... the internet is mostly voyeurism, isn't it?

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Boys, Boys and More Boys!!

Yeah, 5 boys, 2 years to 7 years in age. Yikes. But who has more fun than a gang of boys? I'm not thinking many.

Here they are at the zoo and then waiting for the T.

Just in case you missed it the first time, Blogger has given us Two copies... when I try to delete one, all my pictures go with it. *shrug* So Two it is.

In The Mood For Art?

Eldest found my oil pastels, so we did this... Mommy with the traditional landscape, Eldest with his modernist impression of... modern art.
Right here is what I love best about being a mom.

Fairly Fair Isle?

It all starts out ok, then I get distracted and funky things begin to happen. Funny how little it takes to turn a snowflake to the dark side. Skulls and Mosquitos, anyone?

Oh, YOU! At least I can report that since this picture was taken, I have begun the toe decrease. Geesh, can anyone belly ache as much as I have about this silly sock? *grumble grumble* I even annoy myself!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


He Likes It!

I guess we forgot to tell him that no one likes green socks. I suppose his comfort and joy when he tried on the sock was an override to the typical sensibilities. It probably doesn't help that I was hoping that I would get to keep the socks.

So just for that, I have been working away on the Jaywalker as I have been cavorting around town with my SIL and her brood. I have completed heel and gusset and am hoping that the elves will appear and complete the foot for me. Once I am done with that, I will make his other sock. And then baby layette galore!!

Oh, I am sensing my inept blogging, this morning. No picture of Jaywalker, no picture of the fair isle scarf that I began because 1) it is the other reason I learned to knit and 2) I want to be like Laurie, so I better do it while she is so I can mooch as much info off her as possible!! You just trust me that I am getting better at following the graphs (a couple of snowflakes morphed into some scary skull motifs... I doubt that is traditional.) I am sooooo glad that Laurie made me make a scarf to learn to knit continental. I am not having any problem carrying a yarn in each hand... just that graph-thing. I guess I get tired.

A quick complaint

My sock bag, that I loved and toted everywhere... The string broke. The one that cinches the top. Ripped right out. Not good. The Mister threaded it back in, but it isn't going to look as nice when I stitch it to secure it. I have only had it since March. Really not impressed, but still love the little bag... can't help myself, it is a great size, attaches to anything, is hot pink... just now broken and scarred. *sigh* but aren't we all.

Speaking of Cavorting...

I will post soon about the Visit by our Florida family. No, it is too much, I will sum up... Carnegie Science Center, Pgh Zoo, Idlewild, and that was the first three days.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sock Freak

Nobody likes Green Socks

So I ventured into Tonidale Needle and Craft last week while the Mister and the Boys were doing yard work for Gma. Amazingly, I left with sock yarn. The Green is from Finland and is a wool/polyamide blend. The Mister is having reservations... you know his delicate flesh... I think it will be fine, especially after a wash, but then, I kind of hope that he doesn't want them. Nobody likes green socks, except me and the Celtic Queen. And I will gladly keep these. They are cooshy and warm.

OOOh, and I found some more disco yarn. SPARKLE ME!! Can you see the little glint in the skein?! Whoo-hoo! Makes me far too happy. Then Ingeborg talked me into (said, "did you see this?") some cotton/wool blend summer sock yarn... not that I wear socks in the summer, if I can help it. But the summer doesn't last long, Autumn is not far away.

Yeah, I love to knit socks... oh, those jaywalkers, they are in my sock bag, about ready to turn the heel, when I get to it... So sad, much maligned and unfinished.

The boys love to see themselves on the blog... INBA got indignant the other day... "Why do you take pictures of your yarn? Where am I?" (did you hear the accusing tone? The attitude and 4 year old brash?) Um, how to answer... Well, 'cuz it is MINE *foot stomp* and 'cuz my life is about more than just YOU! (hey, let me have my delusions, they are all I have, some days.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What to do on a Tuesday Night?

Three Rivers Art Festival

So there is this fabulous 16 days of music and art and fun in downtown Pittsburgh. Free concerts are always a good thing, but even better when the music is outstanding... which it is at the Arts Festival.
I made the Mister take me out on a date last night. He even took me to dinner!! We worked our way down to the Point, and listened to Del Castillo rock the park. So good. I even bought a cd and had it autographed. The Mister, of course, laughed at me for waiting around. Whatever. He just doesn't get the 'groupie' thing.
Eldest was totally impressed by the autographs, and loved the music... because he has great taste in music.

Speaking of which, I bought the Arctic Monkeys CD, too. Rolling Stone was raving about them, but I hadn't heard them anywhere. It is great British Pop/Rock. I am enjoying them. Eldest received The Ramones greatest hits CD for his birthday. So our Stereo is rocking. Oh, except he also bought himself High School Musical Soundtrack. It is a lot better than I thought it would be. He likes it a lot, too. We are eclectic people, I guess. Jack Johnson's Curious George Soundtrack is still prominent in the rotation along with Jack Brass Band. (You guys should wrangle a gig at the Arts Festival next year.)

So, I am feeling pretty good today. We have great music on, had a great playdate this morning, Eldest actually cleaned up all the Hot Wheels after they left without threat of great bodily injury, the weather is tolerable, I have a great chiropractor, I have a gorgeous Husband, brilliant boys, what more could a girl want?

Monday, June 12, 2006

He would be a Beautiful Girl


2006 I guess someday he will deny that he resembles me, too.


From the "I don't look like my Mom" file...

See, these pictures were taken last August (05) by the Ausable River in "downtown" Grayling, where my Mother now lives. I sooo don't look like my Mom. I don't care that people I had never met before stopped me in the store to ask if Edna was my mother... These people were probably a)intoxicated or b)paid by my Mom to harass her teen-age daughter or c)did I mention mind altering substances?
The boys do have her crazy-blue eyes.

From the "Why I will never be Skinny," file...

And I am o.k. with that...
I do love to eat good food, I love to cook good food, and obviously I like to read about good food. This is just what was handy, I have much more inspiration than this. I won't even mention the cook books. Who needs literature?

We are supposed to have company this week for dinner, someone I have not cooked for, before. I am quite nervous. The MIL has pointed out on numerous occasions that I have different tastes than people around here. I cannot help that I was born out of place in the Midwest, really meant to be a Californian, now trapped in this undulating landscape that cannot decide if it is Midwest or East Coast. Even The Mister, whom I love because he will eat anything I cook and like it, is raising eyebrows as I suggest dishes that catch my eye.
Oh, I have this little habit of trying new dishes when we have company. It isn't deliberate, I just generally don't cook the same thing twice anyway. It doesn't seem odd to have a new dish or twist every night for a week for the family, but if guests are involved, "YIKES!" So now it is a joke. And I still make something new when we have company. And since we have moved to this land of boring and manufactured cuisine, it is a bit of a test to see if these people are worthy of me bothering to cook for them again.
NO, I am not a food snob, I am simply defending my own culinary preferences. If you aren't the kind of person that likes some variety in your life, are we going to get along, anyway? Ok, maybe I am more of a snob than I like to admit. Maybe more defensive than I like to be, too.
It may be a non issue, we have been rescheduled once already.
Still, I am hoping for a run of good weather, I am hot to grill. I have fallen in love with grilled vegetables again this year.

From the "I should have taken a picture," file...
I made some muffins for breakfast this morning. (I had oatmeal two days in a row, had to get out of that rut.) They were beautiful until I pulled them out of the 400 degree oven and dropped them. Luckily only 4 landed on the floor (which had not been mopped, yet) and the rest landed in the hot oven... which is exempt from the 5 second rule because, well, it was hot. What a mess, crumbled muffin in the crease of the oven door. The ones that landed on the rack have nice little grill marks. Oh, yes, you know they ALL landed upside down. Still, they were tasty... just a basic muffin that I added orange oil to flavor, so subtle. yum.

Happy Birthday to WHOM?

Can this kid Celebrate or what? Quite a week, to be sure! Graduation, his own birthday party and 2 of his buddies' birtday parties, too! I do believe this sugar high will last a while.

So this is where the procrastination comes in... it is MONDAY, i.e. Housecleaning Day at Chez Mayhem... and likely you have noticed that I am posting on my blog instead of cleaning... Where to begin? It was bad after Easter/My Birthday, but now it is all the kidstuff, all over, and they are playing with it all, at once. How can I vacuum? How can I wipe? How can I rationalize? How can I motivate them to clean up if I cannot motivate my self? *sigh* I have finished the powder room, my usual starting point, so I know I will not be able to let the entire day go unkept.
In fact, I will go swap out the laundry loads and strip beds... right now.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Where did MY Baby Go?

How Quickly they Grow!

Here is Eldest, second from the left, with his buddies, waiting to graduate.

My Baby on stage. You know he loves this! The lights, the people, the adoring applause!

It is a diploma. My baby is a first grader.

Check out the kids in the first row... can you be a little more excited?

Pause and pose pretty for the camera!

The 2006 Kindergarteners.

INBA came to graduation, but refused to be part of the Family Picture. So, it is Mom, Dad and the Graduate, probably appropriate, but a Mom feels guilty if she suggests it.

For the "Why aren't there more pictures of my kids on your blog..."

Aunt Heather and Vicki

Just for proof that I am Not the one that looks like her... it is the precious girl grandchild.

Vicki's Grandmother (age 4?) and Great Uncle (age 2?) I couldn't find a picture of Vicki with that look, but I swear she makes it.

And the Cousins all together... These pictures are from Vicki's 4th Birthday party... just so you don't think that My Sister dresses her daughter like that all the time. And I think someone said she looked pretty, so the dress lost out to play clothes before most of the guests arrived. 4 is great.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

She's Having a Baby!


Joy of Joys! Someone I love is having a baby, and it isn't ME!!! Ms. Lynn is expecting a bundle of joy on or around November 19th. WOW!! YEA!!

So now I understand. I want to knit an entire layette. I couldn't understand what would motivate someone, before. Geesh, isn't a hat and booties enough? NO!! I am overflowing with LOVE!! I want to knit until my fingers fall off!

Ok, remember, I only have until November and I am only an experienced beginner... but I need suggestions for THE BEST BABY GIFTS EVER!!!! Lynn has been my good friend since we were 10 years old and being sent to the principal's office by poor old Mrs. Henderson. Lynn was a bridesmaid at my wedding. Lynn is too special for a mundane expression of my undying AFFECTION! So make it good, people.

I am off to BN to get "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy," and a congratulatory card, so you have a few minutes to think about this. But if you know me, you know how I am when I have a mission. Let's go, people, let's go!!!