Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Are Welcome!

Yes, it was 51 degrees yesterday and 53 today. You're welcome. Not to worry though, Ol'Man Winter cannot seem to help himself, it is supposed to be 32 by Monday. And snow.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring! Spring! Where Are You?!

I finished the Wallaby during the Oscars (which I thought was the best broadcast in many years, if a bit longer than I would have liked.) Eldest tried it on this morning and put it back on as soon as he got home from school. He would have worn it to school, but it isn't dress code. Very safe to say that he likes it. I warned him that it won't fit next winter and he can't be mad because INBA will wear it. He said that, indeed, he could, and probably would be mad. Um, we need to work on that one.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Boy, the time flies! Either that, or we have had a lot of stuff going on around here.
Probably both.
I was in Indy last week while my lil' Sis had her gall bladder was sucked out of her belly button. I came home to Valentine Parties with the boys, Pops with the Mister and furniture shopping for babygirl. Then it was a no school day for President's day and a crazy too many things to do Tuesday.
Let's sum up, I have spent the last 2 days sleeping. I wish I could say that I am caught up... but I am thinking at nearly 31 weeks, I will be caught up in about 2 1/2 years.
Today is lunch duty, ptg volunteer hounding and... Yea! Knit night!!
Some other goings on...
Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby/Grand Prix.
The boys didn't win any awards this year. They were disappointed, but have plenty of ideas for next year.

Wow, that is a lot of pink.
A friend of a friend passed on a 0-3 month assortment.
Another friend tried jinxing me and said that my baby wouldn't need such small clothes.
I am still having earnest discussion with babygirl about the merits of being a bouncing 7 1/2 lb babe. Cross your fingers for me, thanks.
Estimation of Spring Arrival
I am ready to start the hood of Eldest's Wallaby. I am not entirely sure how long it will take me to knit it, but I am fairly certain that Spring will arrive about 10- minutes after I am done.
Eldest tried it on this morning and was quite taken with it. I did knit a size 10, but I don't think that it will fit him next winter. Have you found the Wallaby to run small? Or do you think my crazy life affected my gauge? I should double check.
Either way, it is a lovely sweater. Someone will wear it.
Whatever it takes to see Spring. *grin*

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Who Knew a Utensil Had so Much Personality?

You Are a Spork

You have a playful, eccentric sense of humor.

You are creative. You see the world in bold colors.

You are a dabbler. You love to experiment.

You aren't an expert in anything, but you know a little about everything.

If you cannot read the heading (it is really light on my screen) it says that I am a spork.
What are you?

Monday, February 02, 2009


Well, in case you haven't heard, he saw his shadow.

Which only means that Eldest might be able to wear his wallaby yet this winter.
I discovered yesterday that I was using the wrong size needles to knit his sleeve.
While debating what to do (trying to rationalize laziness) the Mister asked how long it took me to knit what I had done. Maybe 3 or 4 hours -not all of which would need to be frogged. Then he gave me this, this, this sound akin to a shrug. So I frogged, and reknit during the Super Bowl.

And about that Super Bowl. Was that not the best game actually played at the Super Bowl in a long time? Both teams played like they wanted to win, and for a while there, I wondered who would win! The commercials weren't so great this year, but you can't have everything.