Sunday, December 23, 2007

Heinz Hall Christmas Postcard

Merry Christmas from the POPS!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Bday, INBA!

My baby is 6 today! Whoa...

He had his party last weekend. I have a double chocolate (that gene came from me) cake on the cooling rack. He is so proud to be 6! Very cute.

It has been busy around Chez Mayhem. Parties and Pageants and Concerts and still I managed to get Accupuncture on my shoulder yesterday! I am very pleased and I think in combination with the Neuro-muscular massage, I may quit complaining about how much my shoulder hurts-Without Surgery!!!!!!!!!! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. *big grin*

We saw the sun yesterday. ALL DAY!! I couldn't figure out why it was so bright and light at 7:30 am... it was that elusive sun-thing that we hadn't seen in weeks! Boy, what a nice change. Of course, today we are back to the thick grey clouds and it will be gross from dawn to dusk... but we saw the sun YESTERDAY!!

Ok, that is my little update. I still haven't written the Christmas letter...but I have the pictures, stamps and labels... close counts? No? Alright, gotta go, then.

Monday, December 10, 2007


It was the Mister's Friday off, so he and INBA built a snow man. The snow that fell that morning was perfect packing snow.
Nothing like making a snow man that is twice your size!
This guy was even taller than the Mister!!
Great snowman snow.
The snow is pretty much gone now. It has been raining and 40 degrees.
Friday night, the MIL came and got the kids. The Mister and I went out to dinner and Saturday we went out to Lunch and to a matinee performance of "This Wonderful Life."
Really good! The MIL gave the Mister the tickets for his birthday (which is next month) because "It's a Wonderful Life" is his favorite movie, ever. Lucky me to be his wife and obligatory date! And man, is it weird to be without the kids for 24 hours.
Of course, they don't miss us. Grandma takes them to movies and sugars them up and lets them stay up late watching tv. Awwww, do we have to go home?!?!?
I felted the Mother of the Pea-with-one-more-in-the-pod's bag... but I wrapped it up to send without taking a picture. OOPS. It is awesome, though... trust me. Her bday is Wednesday.
I am car-less today. The Mister's car is in the shop (maybe alternator issues or worse, some mysterious electrical issues) and he took my car to go to work. I am homebound, unable to go mail my package to her. Geesh, the first time in a LONG time that I am on the ball and ready to be on time! Thank goodness that it is the thought that counts.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What It Takes

To get me to blog is apparently a toothless king.
That would be INBA who is the 2nd King in the Kindergarten Christmas Pageant next week. I knit him a pretend crown in Knit Picks Merino Style crocus. We hot glued some plastic gems on to make it really sparkly.I say toothless because last Friday he lost his first tooth and Monday the second. Oh, and please notice the fabulous frog sweater (olympics 2006) that fits him perfectly now and will inevitably be passed to a nephew next winter.
Back to the tooth for a moment.
The tooth fairy forgot to come pick up his tooth Friday night. I wasn't home to call her because I was at my knitting group at Borders. Borders was open until MIDNIGHT!! I got home later than usual and went straight to bed. No time to call the toothfairy. oops.
He was not happy.
Tooth fairy came Saturday night.

Here is my progress on my Jamaica Bear. I just need to seam and stuff. There is plenty of time for you to make one, too. I need it by January 5. It is quick and just uses left overs. Easy Peasy, as the kids say, and a good cause.

Mother of the Pea (with another in the pod) bag unfelted. It is a Bully Woolies bag, Santa Fe kit. I just need to felt it (today) and send it off for her birthday on Wednesday. My friends are all moving off into the next age demographic!! Yikes. 35-44!?!?!? I know plenty of nice people that are 40+, I just don't know if I am ready to be lumped in there, yet. I still feel 25. I do realize that I am soooo not in tune with a 25 year old in the year 2007. Still, admitting it is another story. Anyway, this is for her birthday- once I felt it.

Girl fix hat... for my niece for Christmas to go with this book.
I forget what the yarn was, but it is pink... and it is a wool/microfiber blend, so it is soft.
I got a little carried away with the i-cord, so it has two knots and I really like it.
It is many pinks, did I mention that? Girl fix.
The Noro Aurora scarf for 2nd Grade teacher. You can kinda see the glint of the metallic wraps. I am not really happy about parting with this scarf.
SPARKLY. Want to keep SPARKLY for myself.

SPARKLY party lace scarf for Kindergarten teacher.
But I am not so lacey, so SPARKLY may leave peacefully.

Otherwise, the holidays are steam rolling through. My rum balls are maturing (festering :) to be handed out, maybe next week. My shopping is pretty much complete, my knitting is nearly so. It is snowing again and I actually hope that the weather man is wrong and it won't turn to rain and warm up into the 40s this weekend. The boys have way too much fun for it to go away. And, it is so much more pretty to look at than the dead grey ground.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

PPG Postcard

Falling Water in cookies with train at PPG. Lots of gingerbread for all the Santas!

Friday, November 23, 2007

What the Boys Have Been Waiting For

The morning after Thanksgiving and it is finally feeling like the Holidays.
The boys are coloring snow men and making paper snow flakes.
We have been out already and picked up a gingerbread house and egg nog.

Funny how amusing the first flakes of snow are and how unamusing they will be by January. So, let's think about my first handspun yarn, instead.
I have wound it into balls and my intention is to make mittens.
Obviously, I need some practice. But I am very pleased with the first attmept.
I hope your Thanksgiving was full of gratitude and love, our was.
I hope the rest of this joyous season is fabulous for you, too.
By the way, only 32 days until Christmas... how's your knitting coming?

Monday, November 19, 2007

They are back! Carnegie NHM Postcard

Very cool exhibit. Open to public Nov 21!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Little Help from My Friends

Yes, that means YOU!!
So I have a friend that is going on a mission trip to Jamaica. And I was thinking about how it would be nice to contribute something to their work. And then I thought about this and how maybe I could do that and well, then I thought of YOU! In that post, there is a pdf download of a pattern for a knitted bear (quite quick and simple, I made one to send last year) and if you knit it and get it to me, I will get it to my friend. Simple, yes?! So send me an email at pisellogirl at yahoo dot com (replace the words with the things) and I will give you my snail mail.
They are going in January, I don't have the exact date yet, but if we give ourselves a deadline of December 31 (until I get the exact date) I bet we can each knit at least one gift for one child that has no bear to love, let alone all the other things that we take for granted.
So whip out the needles, use up the odd balls, give a little love.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I finished the Party Lace scarf. It is blocking as we speak... Man, the last 6 inches of a scarf are the worst! I don't know what made me think scarves would be good teacher gifts. Ugh. The Aurora scarf is pretty, but slow, too. Next year, remind me, mittens.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad, but not Naughty

or, Spoiled, but not Rotten... You pick, I cannot decide.

I forgot my camera this morning. I was going to document the entire thing and blog like crazy. But no. I forgot the camera. Oh well, trust me when I say that Ms.A had 3 very, very nice spinning wheels and one beginner wheel sitting in her living room when I arrived this morning. *gasp* Yes, I was giddy.
I have had one lesson on a wheel in Waynesburg at their sheep and wool festival- oh, a year and a half ago. Laurie taught me how to use the drop spindle prior to that, but my shoulder just won't tolerate it.
So, when Ms.A offered to give me the run around on her wheels, I jumped at the chance... and I got to spend a morning visiting with Ms.A, which is a treat in and of itself. So, long morning short, no pictures to see, she lent me an Ashford Traditional to play with and with the intent (by me) to talk the Mister into relieving her of it.
The trouble comes here. The boys are well aware that the only thing on my Christmas list is a spinning wheel. How does one come to acquire a second hand one when Santa thinks that I want him to bring one... Yeah, you see the conversation that danced around this afternoon. Hmm. Well, I suppose Daddy could talk to Santa and see if it is ok... Or I don't know that Santa would be disappoointed if Daddy gave it to me instead... The Mister says I am digging my own grave for when the, *ummmm* you know, truth comes out. Yeah, well... I am not going to break it out just cuz I am cheap *frugal* and feel much better with recycling and giving new life to the neglected object rather than new for the sake of new.
Either way, I am going to go fill another bobbin with crappy learning to spin singles. *grin*
I think I am settling on SPOILED.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Been a Week, Already?

Well, almost a week.
For not having anything much to do, it sure went fast!
Of course, it could be because I got distracted by Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat.
Several times.
And I am not done- since I just cast on another while waiting for Blogger to upload my pictures.The first one I knit with RYC Soft Tweed- leftovers from my cardigan. It didn't even take a whole ball! I used 10 1/2 (6.5mm) needles because 1. I had them, 2. I am American, 3. That means I don't have 7mm needles, 4. I wasn't sure if I would be able to find some, 5. I wanted to cast on right then, 6. How much could .5mm really make in a hat?
Stop laughing. Gauge smauge.
It turned out.... a little small.
It 'fit' INBA, but he said it was a little tight. Ok, maybe, "too tight."
Still it is on his head.
So, I bought 7mm (10 3/4) DPNs at Bloomin' Yarns and made another.
I don't like knitting a hat on big fat DPNs. So I went back and bought a 16"circular. I finished the second hat, INBA put it on and took it to the closet to put up on the shelf for himself.
I think that means good things.
I accidentally bought some Malabrigo Chunky when I bought those DPNs.
It made a gorgeous hat.
I used a cable cast on for this one...OOOOH, preeety.
I started that bag for a birthday.
And then I need some help.
Saving MS3.

I don't know.
I picked it up this morning, feeling bad because I have not looked at it in ages. It was banished to wide-awake knitting too long ago. So today was the day to make up.
I jumped in to the spot in clue 5 where I had previously gone to fix a mistake, and what do you know? I still had extra stitches, but could not see where I had more than I should. grr.
So I ripped out clue 5.
I am proud of myself for doing so. That was hours of work and frustration, since I had ripped a few rows prior to this...but how much is the frustration of trying to make it work worth if I can just rip and reknit it properly?
Anyway, I did it.
Then there was this other problem that I couldn't get most of the last row of clue 4 to slide across the needle. The stitches on the cable were holding on to each other and were tiny like the cable. Not good.
So, I decided to tink that row and reknit them loosely to maybe accomodate the time they will spend on the cable while doing short-rows for the wing.
But even as I was tinking, the stitches were not giving and moving up onto the needle.
At last, a good use for that cable needle I never use anymore.
I had to pick the stitch and pull it big to get it over the end of the needle. 70 times. *sigh*
This is where I need help. I don't know what to do.
I am concerned that I am going to have this problem again as I do the short rows. I am having misgivings about my ability to even get those short rows right- which is probably why I should do it.
But what if I just kept knitting the cat's paw pattern and then did some similar triangle thing at the other end? Would that be too weird?
What would you do?
And don't say junk it. There are hundreds of hours there and I am not willing to junk it.
"Save me!"

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hello, Monday!

Status... anxious.
I really don't like this time of year. (Please note how I avoided using the word 'hate.')
I suppose it is as much the darkness as it is the greed and unreasonable expectations associated with secularized holidays.
I am all out of wack with the time change. The boys don't seem to care.
And I just heard on the radio the first forecast of snow for tomorrow or the day after.
So rather than dwell on that which we cannot control...
I present the finished B4 bag.
It has been knitted and fulled for a while now. It took me a bit to find the right buttons, I should have taken a closeup for you. Oh well. I just lined it this weekend. It has a nice bright blue lining to go with the bits of blue in the yarn. I sewed plastic canvas into the bottom to give it some stability.I like this bag a WHOLE lot. I am contemplating giving it to a certain person for xmas. The Mister is encouraging me to do so. We both know that that person will certainly like and appreciate and use it.
Still. I like it a WHOLE lot. I guess that is the best reason to give it away.
Besides, I can make another.
Oh, but there is this bag that Mother of the Pea picked out in FEBRUARY when I was out visiting her. I did tell her that it may not be ready for this birthday, but really, is there a good reason that it shouldn't be, given that I have been looking at it for 10 months? Her bday is in 5 weeks. I think I could squeeze it in.
If that is what I SHOULD be working on, I guess I can show you what I AM working on.
1. This is a 2nd grade teacher gift.
Noro Aurora, colors 1 and 5, size 6 needles.
I am trying to do what Rani did with Noro.
It looks really subtle in the picture, not so much in RL, but I am hoping it gets better as we go.
2. Kindergarten teacher gift. PartyLace scarf from MagKnits. KidSilk Night, size 7 needles.
Sparkle-y yarn and beads.
Oh, baby.
I do like this pattern, too. It is super easy to remember the 2 row pattern and goes pretty quick when I actually work on it! I am about half way.
3. And the Mister's socks. They are for his stocking, he knows about them. I had to ask him some pertinent questions about what kind of pattern I could put in the leg. Oh, and he noticed and admired this yarn every time I picked it up- including when I showed him the purchase while we were in Michigan. So it wasn't like I would be able to keep it a secret.
Anyway, what does he want, you ask?
Ribbing. Plain, regular ribbing. And on the top of the foot, too.
I am hot to cast on some gifts I would like to give for xmas to both nieces, a nephew, and some of those cork elves to give most everyone I know... I am restraining myself until I get the above closer to done. Oh, the discipline! Isn't it scary?!?!
Anything Else for the Week?
Not too much on the calendar, just yet.
I need to be working on a whole list of crap to get the house organized (I was not born organized and it annoys me) and some of the useless crap out of our way. Isn't it ridiculous the stuff we hold on to? And there is laundry. I feel awful that we didn't get the screens off the windows and the windows cleaned this weekend. First of all, the house is nicely brighter when the screens are off and the windows clean. Second, if it gets cold, I don't know when it will get done! UGH! I may have to do that in the afternoons when it is as warm as it is going to get... Hmm, maybe I should go get started. Or, I could go update my Ravelry. *sheepish grin*
Have a great week!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Making Connections

I made French Toast today.
INBA says, "French Toast? Is that what they ate during the French and Indian War?!"
Um, I don't know.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!
Admitedly, not my favorite holiday, but hard not to smile when the boys are so cut in their costumes. INBA was a shark- but he doesn't eat people, I asked. Eldest was a robot, made by him and the Mister. A little commentary follow-up...
Of course, I take my knitting with me to hockey!! But the chairs are really uncomfortable and it is really loud and the parents getting worked up about 5-7 year olds playing floor hockey annoy me.
I am, indeed, being a little shy with my xmas knitting. I know some people pop in unexpectedly. My own children often appear at my shoulder, too. Boy, you look forward to them learning how to read and then spend your time, once they know how, keeping them from reading things!
They are back!
So, I need to go claim the "MOMMY TAX"
Have a frightfully good night!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

STR Spoilage for October

Leave it to the Yarn Harlot to design the best sock, yet, in the best colorway, yet.
The colors are a little washed in this photo. It is a really deep and rich black and plum.
As far as anything else going on around here?
I finished another pair of blue socks for a Christmas present.
I am working on a red pair for INBA to get from Mrs. Clause.
Um, I forgot, again, to take a pic of the swatch for Leafy Heather. I am waiting on the needles to arrive to work on that.
Eldest and INBA started up into floor hockey, again today. (longest hour of my life, I don't know how you people spend all day at a soccer field)
We had brunch at Duke's Station on Baptist Road. It is an old train car as dining room. You know INBA loved it. I am considering having his birthday party there.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Crazy October

This is the tree in front of my house. Of course, all my maples look like this (except for the red one.) Just a touch of pale in the leaves, but overall, green.
This is the tree across the street from my house. And this picture doesn't do it justice. I would have tried another shot of it, but I got shy when I noticed a workman at the house next door watching me. I didn't really know how to shout, "Don't worry! I am just going to blog this!" and sound normal.It is supposed to be in the high 70's again today. This is really cramping my time with the now-finished cardigan. 5 bucks says that it is pleasant until the day before Halloween and then the kids are going to have to beg for candy in parkas. But then, growing up in Northern Michigan, that just seems normal.
What is with the obsession with "normal" today?
I best go do something unusual.
Have a fabulous week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Stuff

To get a big pot of cubed apples... One needs a sink full of peels and cores.
Soon it turns into this...
And eventually this...
Man, that is a lot of work for 5 pints of applesauce.
I still have apples... so I suppose I will make another batch tomorrow. That or I will freeze some and see how they work for a winter pie.
Mayhem Men entertainment.
This is how the guys (Mister included) spent the early part of the afternoon. They built a model of Pittsburgh in the sandbox for Virginia Friend's Flat Stanley.
Can you see that there is water in the Monongehela and the Allegheny? All those sticks are bridges, Percy is the Duquesne Incline, the blue rocket is the fountain at the point, and the sand castles are the buildings "dahn-tahn". You cannot see here, but they dug the Liberty and the Fort Pitt Tunnels, too.
After that, the Mister took the boys (Stanley included) out to look for the photographic vantage point of the model. They did pretty well, but I will spare you more pictures of the 'burgh.
I have a few projects in the works. A couple might even be approaching finishing stage. Maybe if I go work on some, I might have something to show next week. It is a concept. I know.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes, I finished the cardigan! What cardigan? The cardigan that I started, um, back when. And Apparently, I was having issues with blue then, too! Funny.So this is Chunky Cables from Feb '07 Knit 'N Style. I substituted RYC Soft Tweed and used size 11 needles. Stitch gauge was fine but row gauge was way wonky (don't you just love learning things in your projects?) so the shawl and button band are a little weird (I didn't have nearly enough stitches called for in the pattern. I had to do some math, I think it worked out OK.) I added buttons that I knit in. It didn't take long to do- when I actually worked on it. It languished all summer in a basket next to the red chair. I became motivated to finish by assuming that it would become cold soon (at some point?) and the general need to finish something, anything. Overall, I love it. Super soft and very warm (just in time for 79 degrees tomorrow) and a lovely soft tweedy green (with bits of blue and pink) that will go with just about everything I own. Don't be surprised if you run into me in the next 7 months and I am wearing this sweater!
Photo credit goes to INBA who got very excited when he snapped the picture and it showed up on the camera. Find Joy in the small things. I need to do that more.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mommy of the Year

goes to someone else. Today was the Kindergarten field trip to Trax Farm and I didn't take the camera. No picture of INBA climbing on mountains of pumpkins. I suck.
But I did manage to take a picture of the silk thread from BlueMoon Fiber Arts that I ordered to make the Peace Shawl. I really suck.

Now, INBA and I are off to knit-nite. Laurie's OS lost a bet with her and she has offered him as babysitter so that I can stay late with my friends and he can then be even. (The Mister is camping with Eldest and the other cub scouts.) So, we will have hot chocolate and bring OS back to our house at bedtime. Sounds like a plan to me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well, I got my invitation. So I set up my profile and that is it so far. I am Pisellogirl, if you want to be my friend and share any tips and tricks.

And don't forget about the PartyLite candle party at my house tonight at 7pm. I hope we don't freak the candle lady out with -what will inevitably get pulled out- flamable knitting materials!! You must promise to be careful and keep away from open flame :) Even Mrs. H. - whom I taught to knit last week while in public at a swanky mall- will be bringing her project(s). Can you believe she has 3 scarves on needles already?!?! Nah, she isn't going to be a compulsive knitter... nah, never! *bwahahaha* converting at every opportunity, doing my part for the survival of the LYS!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Oh, what 9 years can do for you.This is Notre Dame des Victoires in San Francisco.
Honest, I don't think we have gotten any older.
Ok, maybe a little.
9 more years and we will be wrestling Eldest for the car keys.
I think I will linger in this moment a bit longer.

How's this? Lady K and myself.
Quite a pair.
The Mister brought me flowers and I botched dinner. I am making it up to him tonight... with dinner done right. My Aunt sent me another huge box of apples, so at least one pie should be made this afternoon.
It was only 48 degrees at noon, so it is the perfect day to have Stew on the stovetop and Pie in the oven.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Useful Housework

Of course, I did the laundry.
I wouldn't have been able to do this, if I hadn't thrown in that load of towels!Wrecking knitting sure is empowering! I guess it really isn't wrecked, just felted on purpose. Still, it is a strange, guilty feeling that I get throwing fresh knits into the wash... on HOT. And how about that bag? One cycle in my front load washer was all it took! It is Paton's Classic Wool. Nice stuff.
While I am down there...
I cleaned off the Hockey Table, as I do when I want to do fun things with knitting, and brought in my pink foam board that the ever-fabulous Mister picked up for me at Home Depot. Then I set about blocking my sweater that has languished all summer. I need more T pins.
Unfortunately, my car is in the shop. I have been driving around for a week and a half in a car that was growling at me. Apparently, I am lucky that my alternator didn't give out on me because I would have been stranded. I guess they just don't make cars like they used to, one belt goes and you are toast. *shrug* I didn't argue with the guy when I start the car and he becomes very concerned and starts wondering where he can get an alternator this afternoon. He is an honest mechanic, so I took the ride home. Of course, I didn't realize at the time that I was going to need T pins!
I'll get my car back tomorrow afternoon- not an alternator in town for my car- hopefully, purring like a kitten.
I will steal the Mister's car tonight and make a run to JoAnn's.
Now, the paper is hoping that it will make it to 55 on Friday... very motivating to get a cardigan done!

Monday, October 08, 2007

A little weekend fun

Saturday, Laurie came over with an armload of videos. The Mister was out doing Mister-things, and we dipped spicy-sweet mustard with pita chips and gorged ourselves on Kaffe Fassett.
Check out this guy! I did not need to find this. When this is what I was looking for and is more than enough!
OHHH, I love color. I lamented to Laurie, "Could you imagine if we had time to do all the things that are in our head!?!" But I made a conscious choice to be married and have children, I made a commitment to raise my children as well as I can. That just means that I don't have time to do most of the things that are in my head. I think most of us are in the same boat. I think it also explains why we have so much stash, because when I do have time... but right now, I need to go clean the bathroom before Eldest gets home from school.

Edited to Add: I didn't go clean the bathroom. I am really a lousy wife/mother/housekeeper. Please don't tell on me, 'k? Anyway, I guess it was one of those group consciousness things this weekend, check out Panopticon's account of a real life encounter with Kaffe Fassett! Oh, I think I might be unbearable if I had a real-life workshop with those guys. Now, I guess I will go do my laundry. Hey, stop laughing. I just might.

Thank Goodness for the Weather

What else would we have to talk about? The weather man says that despite the fact that it is nearly 90 degrees today, by Friday we will be hoping for 60. Yikes. It is definately all or nothing around here.

Yes, this hat should look familiar. It is the mitts that I completed this weekend. I love 'em. But I am thinking that this set would really make a nice gift for someone. Now I just need to think of whom. They fit me and Laurie and the Mister, so size isn't an issue.

I did make up a rough pattern as I knit the mitts, so I am going to look into how one might put a pattern in the side bar. Any advice?

Friday, October 05, 2007

I Felt That!

Can you see the People?
They are supposed to be dancing.
They are a pattern from my Traditional Scandinavian Knitting book by Sheila McGregor.
And the rest of the pattern I made up by kinda mish-mashing a couple of things that I liked from a couple of other patterns.A hat plus some.
This is the simple cable hat from Cables Untangled.
LOVE this yarn.
I needed just a smidge more than one hank for the hat, so I am trying to make up a fingerless mitt to match from the left over.
Can you tell that I had to get away from the blue socks for a bit?
The Mister didn't think it was as funny as I did that, needing a break from blue, it sent me to the other side of the color wheel! Orange! Without even thinking!! Funny how the brain- and the eye- works.
I can't believe that it is Friday! Where did this week go?
My brother and his family came to visit last weekend, we took him to a Pirate game for his birthday- yes they lost- and I think he had a good enough time that he will come back.
Somehow, I managed to let the rest of the week wiz by me.
Hopefully, this weekend will be a bit more low key. Looking at the calendar, though, I am not too optomistic. Celtic Queen says that I need a bigger calendar. I say, "NO!! PLEASE, NO! If I have more space to write in more things I will be even more busy, and still not be able to tell you what I do with all my time!!"
So now, I will go watch INBA playing in the sandbox. It is 80+ and supposed to get hotter before it does anything else. Whew, some kind of October! Makes me worry about paybacks in the middle of winter... anyone seen a wooly catepillar this year? What is the forecast?
LOOK HERE. Everything is on the internet.
Have a great weekend... before the heavy rain comes.

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's That Time of Year

The boys made their own t-shirt decorations.
They started out with solar systems and it morphed into mountains and train yards. Still, they look very cute and the boys are very happy with the results.
Comfort Food
The weather dipped and I roasted a chicken last night for dinner.
Today, I made chicken soup.
Oh, I wish you could smell it.
I am going to run over to the Uncommon Market and grab a loaf of Mancini's Bread and spoil my brood to the hilt!!
I never make soup the same way twice, but it always starts with olive oil and sauteeing onion and carrot and celery. I had some red pepper today, too. Chicken broth and garlic and bay leaf go in, too. But today, I also put in Herbs de Provence. *sigh* So good. I will add some frozen peas just before dinner and it may very well be my best soup, yet.