Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, not really overheard, I was standing right there, part of the conversation. INBA didn't want to go to the library with me because it is the Mister's Friday off, (he works a 9-80) and he wants to be with Daddy. Mommy is boring, Daddy is cool.

The Mister asks him if he wants to help him change the oil in his car.

INBA gets all excited and says (keep in mind he is 5,) "Great! That gives us the opportunity to talk about how the engine works in your car!"

I swear, I can't make this stuff up!


Anonymous said...

isn't it amazing the things that go through their heads - stuff we just assume they aren't thinking because they're only 5! hi-larious!

Rani said...

At that age - kids really are magical!