Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Ordinary

At least, it isn't ordinary for me to be friends with a published author!
My friend (she said I could claim that in public :) just published the first in her three part series about Lucie, a girl with ancient knowledge her family has protected since the beginning of memory and a Prophecy to fulfill to save the world from Darkness. And it is her birthday! Ugh, to be a teenager.
It is appropriate for middle school through adult readers. I have read the book. I like it and recommend that you read it, too. I can't wait for the next installment. What on earth is Lucie going to do next?
Until the next book is ready (which I hear is not that far away) I am going to re-read The Prophecy. I have a kindle, so I might buy it here. But here, they have nearly every format imaginable and you won't need a special reader to read it. There is also a sample to read there. And, it is only $1.99 to buy. Sweet!
Her website is
Check her out, you won't be sorry that you did.
I am obviously not as eloquent as Alison, so don't hold my endorsement against her!
In other news, I don't know if my kids are ever going to all be healthy at the same time, again!
INBA was home Tuesday, Eldest was home Wednesday and Thursday. It is just this ickiness that includes fatigue and headache and some stuffiness. I know for sure that they feel like cr*p, because I can't shake this junk either! Junk, I tell ya!
My latest netflix love has been watching (streaming on the Wii) the un-edited British version of Downton Abbey. Oh my goodness, I just love that series. It is 7 (45 minute or so) episodes instead of the 4 (80 minute or so) that we got on PBS. They cut out a lot of the Bates/Thomas/O'Brien story and other little bits and pieces that didn't change the story, but when you see what they were, they round out the story.
Once I ran out of that, I found 3rd Rock from the Sun on streaming. I forgot how funny that show is! I laugh until I cry. John Lithgow is a rare gem.
Hmm. My life sounds pretty cushy. Reading books, watching tv. I didn't even mention the beautiful quilts I am making or the bread baking in the oven that smells divine. Ah, the beauty of editing.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Overwhelmingly Ordinary

I finally sent my 9 year old back to school today. He was home 4 days last week and then again on Monday with a fever and general malaise. He was a lump on the couch, which is rather disturbing when I know how he usually is.
We watched the SuperGame on Sunday. The commercials were ok. I thought the half-time show was fabulous.
This is how Lil'OnE felt about the way those Steelers were playing. Isn't the Mister handsome with his darling daughter?
The neighbor brought over the pink jersey for the Lil'onE.
Did I ever show you a picture of our Matchy Match?
The sweaters are gorgeous. MadToshDK is divine. Unfortunately, I don't like my sweater. It doesn't stay on my shoulders properly and always pulls to the back. Annoys the heck out of me. Now I need to find someone to wear it. I guess I could ravel it and reuse the yarn. But I think it might hurt to undo all that work. I will see if a friend can do it justice and if not...
Oh, and here is an ordinary thing for you.
No knead bread. I make it all the time. I use this book. But if you go over Here, you can get a sample recipe and have unbearably delicious bread tomorrow. The Sonoma Multicrunch Bread is another recipe in the book that is too good to miss. Every recipe I have used in the book is great. I have been baking like this for many months now. I have a few modifications that I made to the oat bread during that time. I use 1 pound King Arthur Bread Flour, it really does make a difference, and I use 11 1/2 ounces white whole wheat flour for a batch. Trader Joe's sells the white whole wheat at a very reasonable price. Weighing the flour also helps with consistent results. It needs a little more water with the white whole wheat, but the taste is not changed and it is still whole wheat!
The Mister gave me a dough whisk and a yeast jar for Christmas. He loves me! Oh. Maybe he loves the bread?! Maybe both. :)
And so it goes...