Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am still floundering.

I have a lot on my mind, weighing my shoulders.

It is so hard to just let things be and happen as they may.

Anyway, is it just me or do you think that Soak Wash in Flora smells like baby shampoo, too?

This is INBA's snack for preschool.

His favorite- Pumpkin bread.

His favorite- train.

It looks better in person... I am super-duper happy with this pan!

I have a gingerbread kids loaf pan by NordicWare, too, and it is awesome as well. That is usually what INBA wants his Pumpkin bread baked in, but he doesn't want me to cut it!

Either way, Eldest is making plans for his birthday cake being baked in this pan and they are beyond anxious to decorate..."How do you make fake smoke, Mommy?"

So I guess we will be cake baking and decorating in the near future.

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LaurieG said...

Cotton candy! I'm majorly impressed by the train.