Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Where'd the sun go?
The weather man says that it is going to rain for the next 4 days. I just have the hardest time getting started when it is so dark in the morning and looks the same all day. It can't just be cloudy here. It has to be dank and grey. Gloomy. Depressing.

But, luckily, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am never going to be a size 4, so I am having a donut with my coffee and just hoping for the doping effects of sugar and caffeine to kick in sometime soon.

Something for the Mister.
The Mister saw an ad in the May 2007 issue of Organic Gardening and scared me with his enthusiasm. Usually that glint in his eye is reserved for pruning the bushes, but this is right up there.
First of all, the company is called Flame Engineering. That is man stuff if I ever heard it. And then they give him the opportunity to own the "Weed Dragon," the name is enough to get a guy going. And then they tell you that you can carry around the propane from your gas grill and BURN up the weeds in your yard! Oh, can you hear the grunting of satisfaction?
The ad says:
  • Flame Weeds
  • Melt Snow & Ice
  • Burn Brush & Stumps
  • Start Camp Fires (! he actually needs help here!)
  • Thaw Frozen Pipes
  • Sterilize Confinement Areas (obviously they do some government work)
  • and MORE! (what more could a guy want?? Don't tell me, I can't handle the truth.)

Did I mention it is 100,000 BTU? Yes, the Mister is tantalized, but I don't think I could bring myself to get this for him for Father's Day. I would have to package it up with a chainsaw. I just cannot go there. I love you, Mister, and I am protecting you from yourself. It's my job.

Speaking of the Mister

I finally got around to washing his swatch and my gauge was the same... 26 spi instead of the desired 23 spi. So that means more swatching. Probably tomorrow as I park my fanny in front of Grey's Anatomy. And then of course, I will be up way too late, just one more rowing. It is sad how addictive the Fair Isle is to me. Especially since I know this and then I don't start because I know I will be cranky if interrupted or up until all hours of the night. *sigh* I must find the happy place in between.

Well, my donut and my coffee are depleted, I am going to go stand by the mailbox. Maybe Mailman Tim will have my Rockin' Sock Club for me today. That will perk me up... and hey, what's another sock on the needles?


Celtic Queen said...

Note to self, DO NOT let the Celtic Consort see this device as it will be immediately ordered. Thanks for the warning. And I think you need some apricot pie to chase away the gloomies. It's like sunshine you can eat.

LaurieG said...

I'm with CQ on this one. Not a word to Dave or the boys. An I agree on the pie thing too. Or pick up some Key Lime marmelade. MMMMM