Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Trick Is

Not to sit down. If I keep moving, well, I keep moving. That Newton guy knew what he was talking about. Trouble is, I have a baby that needs to be fed and cuddled. This involves sitting down periodically. Then, I have trouble getting started again.
I would show you all the knitting that I have done, but sekrit xmas stuff is going on here. Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures upon delivery.
So, that makes this entry preeeetty boring.
Kid updates- Eldest is having trouble delivering important papers to school, unless it involves him getting tickets for lunch.
INBA is still insisting that he cannot read and refuses to do so. But he can read, he just doesn't enjoy it as much as his brother does and has to work a little harder. How do I get it thru to him that he is not his brother and to expect himself to be his brother is not helping anyone?
Lil'onE is growing like a weed. She is very vocal, loves to make raspberries (wow, that girl has a lot of saliva) and likes to rub things between her finger and thumb.

Life is hectic... Happy Holidaze!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Frabel at the Phipps

wonderful and warm Sunday afternoon outing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's All Fun and Games...

Until someone gets stitches.Monkeying around on the bus, of course. Although, it seems that he happened to be innocent of the Monkeying, this time. It is still a game that the boys play regularly on the bus home, poking each other. He was caught off guard and knocked off balance and the bus came to a stop, all at the same time. He fell and hit his head and ended up on the floor. 3 stitches. OUCH.
Love the MedExpress on 19 at Boyce Road!! In and out in about 50 minutes.

And a stocking for the Lil'onE. I have been working on Christmas gifts and fretting already that I am not going to get much done. Man, these kids put a crimp in my knitting time! That and those darn jewel games on facebook. hee-hee.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


What can I say, boys at llbean...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Matchy Match

I finished my Lady Tulip to match the beautiful Tulip that Laurie made for Lil'OnE.
And I worry that she is going to be a peas-on-the-wall girl.
Ok, that doesn't sound good. But look at the arm going and the splatter on the face! We are getting a little better with the whole 'solid food' thing... but I have several damp towels close by at all times.

And I finally had a professional portrait taken of Lil'OnE... only took 5 months.
I must say, she is peaches. :)
The boys are busy with school. The Mister took them for the Cub Scout Fall Campout last weekend. in.the.rain. How's that for dedication?
Eldest has taken up Trombone for the school band. That is interesting. But only for about 20 minutes a day. heh.
I am hoping that the weather improves for the weekend. The Hickory Apple Festival is this weekend and I want to go.
How's that for a nutshell?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Walk on History

The covered bridge featival is this weekend in Washngton and Greene counties. Excellent excuse to be out with the family.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Last of Summer

We went to the Heinz History Center to see the Lincoln exhibit. We stumbled upon these... as I stood there, mocking the long line of ooglers taking pictures of trophies that have absolutely nothing to do with their lives (it's called reflected glory,) I noticed that the Mister had that same look. I can deny him nothing. So, even I took a picture of him and his kids and the silly trophies. INBA is mad because he wanted to be by the most recent one on the other end. Sorry kid, must learn to express oneself in more coherent ways than a grunt and a stomp. I really wanted to get out of town at least once this summer. So we headed to Sandusky, Ohio where we found the aforementioned Cream Puff (which btw, the boys split and still only ate about half between the two of them. It was HUGE!) We also went to Cedar Point. I am really glad we went this year instead of waiting until next summer like I had promised the boys. Lil'OnE did awesome in the stroller and it would have been a nightmare if she was trying to walk around.
Here she is, chillin' in the stroller but still cozy on the Great Lake in her sweater from Julia.

INBA with his 'train face.' All I can do is giggle. He is so serious about trains and his future as an engineer. I hope it comes true for him. You know, Mr. Obama has no bigger supporter for high speed rail than our INBA.

In the stocks... check out INBA on the end!

The Mister and the boys stood in line for 45 minutes for an 18 second ride on this thing. Straight up at 120 miles per hour. No thank you. I will wait with the baby. (I had a sock to work on :)
I am a purist. I love the old wooden roller coasters. The Blue Streak was awesome.
And then, Back to School. 2nd grade and 4th grade. Big kids.
Little kid. Sweater by Laurie, blanket by all my Friday night knitterly friends.
We are spoiled.
And warm.
It was 48 degrees when we went down to the bus on August 31! It has been cool every day, since, too. Weird year.
I am renewing my resolve to post at least twice a week... I am on facebook, now, and it is a little distracting. lol.

Friday, August 28, 2009

who you callin' cream puff?

the mother of all cream puffs at dianna's deli and restaurant in Sandusky, OH.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where Has the Summer Gone?

This is it... the last week of summer.
The boys go back to school on the 31st.
I feel so much pressure! Can the last week be memorable?
Does it need to be?
We had more cousins visiting this month.Poor Lil'onE. Look at what she is surrounded by! The Mister's 2nd sister's 3 boys and our two... poor thing. But in fairness, I did promise to take this picture if they gave us one 'nice' one. We all know the truth in this picture!

The Mister is a Virginia Tech alumnus. Of course Lil'onE is adorned appropriately!
Doesn't he look proud?

And then the 4th month was gone...
4 months old. And adorable in watermelons.
I want to be a baby. Everyone thinks her fleshy thighs are cute.

Oh, and about the llama. Filthy. Filthy. And I think I am allergic. It makes my eyes itch and my nose itch and sneezy and...
The Mister says I just need to wash it more. Perhaps. The problem is getting from one side of that to the other. Not really a journey I am looking to make.
It is truly unfortunate, too. The fiber is a beautiful silver and charcoal grey. It would blend beautifully with my fleece.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am washing the llama so that I can blend it with some of my wool. It is so filthy. I mean. I am seriously wondering what color it is, because the water is so brown and thick! I thought it was chocolate brown. Now I am not going to be surprised if it is almond colored!
I put it in for a second soapy bath, I cannot believe that the first one really got all the dirt out. I will let you know how it ends up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Can't Believe That I Forgot to Tell YOU!

I finished carding my fleece yesterday!!!!!! YES you heard right. Only one year later. I would have taken a picture but the baskets are empty! Now just to spin. Oh, and I want to blend some with the llama in the basement. Not a live animal, silly, just its shearing. Have I mentioned the llama? The school secretary's sister in Florida raises a llama and happily sent me its spring haircut. um, last spring. How cool is that? Yeah, I know.

Make It Special

I like Texas Sheet Cake. I mean, it is chocolate cake with chocolate icing. What's not to like. I have seen a couple recipes around. My MIL makes a version, she isn't always a reliable recipe giver, though. I have made Texas Sheet Cake twice now. This time, I believe I have found the secret.
Here's the recipe.
1c butter (unsalted, land o lakes is worth the extra buck)
1 c water
4 tbs. Special Dark Cocoa
2 c sugar
2 c flour
1/2 t salt
1t baking soda
1 t vanilla
1 t cinnamon
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 c sour cream (breakstone reduced fat)
In a pot large enough to hold all the ingredients, bring to a boil the butter, water and cocoa. Remove from heat, stir in sugar, flour, salt, baking soda, vanilla and cinnamon. Beat in eggs and sour cream.
Pour batter into a greased 13x9 glass pan. Bake at 375 degrees fro 22-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. As soon as you remove the cake from the oven, spread with frosting.
1/2 cup butter
4 tbs Special Dark Cocoa
1/3 c milk
4 cups powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
Melt butter and stir in cocoa, stir in milk. Remove from heat. Slowly stir in powder sugar and vanilla. Beat well. Spread hot icing over hot cake.
Try to control yourself until it cools a little. It will burn your tongue. Just sayin'. hee-hee.
I made this cake the other day. Grandma Lime Cake
The frosting didn't turn out right, I don't think. It was looking good until I added the lime juice. But who cares? It tasted awesome! I like lime. mmm-hmm.
Let's see, What Else?
My friend Mrs. H. has started writing a blog. It is a very good blog. Mrs. H. is a very interesting person, so I am not surprised. And she does indeed have good manners and rather polite children. Best part? She is my friend. Go look at her blog and tell her that I sent you. It might keep her my friend after hollywood buys the movie rights.
RoboWorld at the Carnegie Science Center is cool. The kids really liked it. Sam, the big cousin, beat the robot at air hockey. Grandma lost to the robot. She wasn't sad, though, she didn't lose as bad as she would have expected. lol.

Oh, look! Lil'onE is 3 1/2 months old!

Just so you don't think I only take pictures of my baby... INBA. He's 7 1/2.

But I have been taking more pictures of the baby. This one is inspired by a picture of my Nephew Aaron, who is a month younger than Lil'onE. Of course, his was a professional picture, Lil'onE is stuck with the Mommy version.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Days

First, Happy Birthday to Laurie!! 29 with experience, I hear.
We had lunch at Mitchells and a walk around the Galleria on Saturday to celebrate.
by the by... The Mister wasn't impressed with my Gymboree bag, but INBA loved the dogs.
I didn't get her anything off her birthday list, but I think she feels appreciated anyway.
We agreed that it wasn't safe for me to be going to the movies with her, seeing how last year after a birthday celebration that included "Mama Mia," The Mister took advantage of my "no one's going to call me when I am old blues" and gave me a daughter...
Who is 3 months old today!
super trooper....hmm mm hmmmhmm.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mixing of Emotions

Here's a little ditty that a friend sent me the link to... they don't allow this one to be embeded, but it is worth a click. Of course, my friend thinks she is funny.

My emotions are jumbly because my friend Shizuko from Long Beach, CA is coming to visit for a couple of days on her way West. She and her family have been on a cross country road trip and are coming up Pittsburgh way to visit us.
Shizuko is one of those friends that you meet (at a park near our house, one random afternoon) and start talking because the boys are playing so well together. I didn't think that we would have anything to say or in common because we come from very different backgrounds. But then, we are instant friends. We laugh, we are quite alike with much to share from our different experiences, and it feels like we had been friends forever almost from the beginning. It is wonderful, because even if we don't speak for any amount of time, we take right back up as if it were yesterday. She is really a blessing to me. And she was one of a gajillion reasons that I didn't want to leave California.
So, I am jumbly because I know that I am going to be really sad when she leaves. I am sad just thinking about how happy I am that I will get to see her tomorrow.
Pretty messed up.

I'll blame it on postpartum hormones.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Old and New

I need to figure out how to blog from my new phone (the enV Touch. Which I love and may have just learned a couple things about by watching that link.)
I mean, I can still do the text message thing, but I want to figure out how to navigate to something other than facebook. But I am old (not 16 anymore.)
Check out the new legs (not 3 months, yet.)
The legwarmers were found by Laurie, right under my nose. I had misplaced them just before she was born until 2 weeks ago.They are a modification of the legwarmer pattern in The Expectant Knitter.
I don't have the book in front of me, I think she used sport or dk weight. I used Julia's sock yarn. I have a pair of socks from the rest of the hank.
Anyway, I just converted the row gauge of the pattern to inches to knit. That is she said knit 8 rows and that really meant knit an inch- I am making up the numbers but you see what I mean? Either way, we ended up with legwarmers.
How about a cheer for unseasonably cool summer days?
Don't you just love Laurie's Cardi? It is Noro, Silk Garden Lite? Best part, sparkly heart buttons. Priceless. The friend and the cardigan.
Happy 4th of July We enjoyed a the weekend. It warmed up enough for the boys to spend some time at MIL's pool.
When did they get so big? *sigh*
They celebrated independence day by playing with Diet Coke and Mentos. INBA told me today that it was the best 4th of July he ever had. *aww* The Mister walked the boys up to the corner (about 1/2 mile) to watch the township fireworks. Lil'one and I watched the fireworks in DC and then the recap of the ones downtown.

Plenty of activity around here to keep us cruising thru our days.
I am still struggling to find balance between all 3 and me.
I really got used to having a little down time to myself and I am afraid that stealing that anymore means aggravating the sleep deprivation. But, when you need a couple hours of quiet creative time, you need it.
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Dead tired.
That may be tomorrow...

Monday, June 29, 2009

10 weeks-ish

At least, I think it has been about that long...
So, let's just get the baby pictures out of the way.
I took these last Thursday (maybe-who knows what day it is?)
My mother will appreciate the first one. (I think if you click it gets big) And then a giggle.

Up Hill All the Way.
I walked the boys to summer playground this morning at the Middle School that is near our house. OMG, it was all up hill. I knew my road was, but I didn't realize that the crossroad was, too! Thank goodness it was only 64 degrees this morning. I had Lil'one in the bjorn and was feeling every pound on my postpartum body.
I guess if you aren't from Pittsburgh (not that I am, either, let's be clear) you don't realize that the "up hill, both ways, in the snow," is talking about the 'burgh and the goat paths they paved to make roads in terrain that no one in their right mind would have thought would be a good place to build a city. I guess, to be fair, the triangle is pretty flat. But Mt. Washington is on other side of the river! Duh.
Anyway, I sweat.

Back on the Ranch
I want to card some fleece.
Just to card some fleece, it isn't like I have time to do anything else with it.
So I cleaned the bathroom and swept the family room and tried to dust. The blue handle has gone missing for the swiffer duster. So, that was a little hard.
Now, my penance is done, and Lil'one took a big poo and wants to eat.
I shoulda played first.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Lil'one was baptised. Officially Catholic, now. Two family pictures within one month!
Isn't it cute how the Mister holds onto his baby girl?
All the Mayhem men love that little girl to pieces.
I don't think princess is going to cover it.
Maybe empress?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Glimpse

Baby feet. Laurie made the booties for her. Actually several pair. All sooooooo cute.

I just took the pictures off the camera

Lady K came to visit Memorial Day weekend.
She's my best friend since... forever.
I wish we lived closer.

And a family picture. (Thanks, K)
It is kinda weird to be a family of 5.
I guess I am still adjusting
Then the boys got their summer haircuts.
And the Eldest became even older.
I didn't make the cake this year. He saw this at the Giant Eagle and I was feeling lazy enough to order it for him.
It tasted as good as it looks.

More of Laurie's knitting. She gifted this outfit to the lil'one at last knit night.
This is the Mister's idea of taking a picture of her outfit so that Laurie can see how it fits... I need to train him better.
btw, it fits perfectly and is super cute.

Lil'one gets baptised on Father's Day.
Pictures, hopefully, in the near future. Her gown is so pretty...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing to Show

Well, we made it thru the first 6 weeks- 7 1/2 by now - and I have nothing to show. No new pictures and nothing crafty, for sure.
Eldest turns 9 this week. Yes, I said 9 years old. He is having a party at the park this weekend and is quite excited.
School is out on Friday. With the few camps and activities that we have planned, summer feels like it is half gone. Lil'one can't stand the car, so it will be late summer, if at all, before we do any kind of car trip. Which is ok with me, I don't care to be in the car for more than 2 hours, anyway.
I cannot believe how the days have flown and I have nothing to share.
Must be the Momnesia.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sneak It In

Lil'one is sleeping, waiting for her brothers to burst through the front door after a Monday of education. Hopefully, I will be able to finish this entry before she awakes.
If it goes to no-caps, I am one handed.How's this for smitten big brothers?
They prefer her when she is quiet. I cannot say I blame them! This girl has some lungs!

Aw, isn't she sweet?

She is really saying, "Hey! Look at my great hand-knit sweater!!"
Not, "I hate the car seat!!"
If only.
And then sometimes, she looks like this.

The best, is when they look like this.
It has been a long and short month. I can't believe it was four weeks ago that she arrived! We are all adjusting to each other. And I am wondering why I thought I didn't get anything done before? I can barely check my email once a week, now!
I am sure that I will be lamenting this when she goes off to Kindergarten... maybe.
So, you know, I have not knit a stitch. I have only looked longingly into my craft room. I have watched way too much morning tv.
And Lil'one just called me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That Worked

Like a charm!
Thanks, Laurie, for the pictures.
Here is a smattering of the goodies.Two cardigans from Laurie, the one below is the Tulip that I want to make matchy matchy for myself.
And Stacey's first baby cardigan...
The jumper from CQ.
And the amazing blanket in the making.
Hey, can you see how big my belly is? Not even, cuz you don't realize how big my b**bs have gotten. I am so done. But I might have mentioned that yesterday. :)
I have great friends.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ignore the Silence

This clinches it. Say hello to my Mid-Life Crisis!

The new addition will be pushing back my self indulgence another 8 years or so, but I can be patient... mostly.

We are in the worst part of the whole ordeal. Ok, I am in the worst part of the whole ordeal. So uncomfortable. And my ankles are just gross. But enough about the last weeks of Pregnancy.
Baby Girl's all set up. The diapers and onesies are washed and the crib is made up and the coming home outfit is in the bag. I actually packed my hospital bag 2 days ago. I feel better being a little bit prepared, finally. hee-hee.

This little white lacy cardi will top her coming home outfit.
I made a hat to match, but forgot to photograph.

It certainly satisfied the need to knit a baptism outfit. I still think it would have been nice to do so, but only if I had thought of it much earlier. Maybe for a grandbaby, someday.

Knit Night ladies bestowed the lil'one with handknits last Friday. I haven't taken any pics of the goodies yet. I am hoping that CQ or Laurie will email me pictures (HUGE HINT) that they took of the event.

Needless to say, I run with a fabulously talented crowd. She has several cardigans, ranging from Stacey's first baby cardigan to Laurie's Tulip (oh, how I want a matching one for me!! I may just have to accidentally stop in at Bloomin' Yarns tomorrow!!) to an ensemble from CQ of bonnet, jumper and cardi of spring green and purple pansies (Dale of Norway pattern, I bet, so gorgeous.) Not to mention a blanket with coordinating bonnet from Janice and the sweetest ruffled-bum romper from Stephanie. And we certainly cannot wrap up a recap without mentioning the amazing blanket that everyone made. Laurie took my sock leftovers from me one day a while ago. She and many other lovely knitters took those little balls to make octagons which were then sewn together and DPUtiger Amy is now attaching to a backing to create, quite probably, the best baby gift ever. Talk about taking a village!

I am truely humbled by the outpouring of friendship, generosity and good wishes that I have received in the last few months as we all anticipate the arrival of the newest Mayhem.

How does that go?

Home is where you make it.

Bloom where you are planted.

However you want to say, it is a beautiful thing.