Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Wow, has it really been a week already? The weather did indeed turn a bit chilly, there was a frost overnight, and it has been in the mid forties all week. brrr. When is it going to be 70 again? Spring is in full bloom and the mild weather has allowed all the trees and bulbs to show off their full glory. This does nothing for the allergies, of course, but it sure is pretty.

This is what we did with our weekend. Eldest made his First Holy Communion on Sunday.
We are very proud of him. He was very excited.
Grandma took the family picture.
So much for digital.

And this weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I am so super excited that I don't even know what to do with myself. I am on the Knit One bus along with my friend Ms.A, whom I taught to knit and is now on fire!! I don't know who else is on the bus for sure, I know some who were thinking of it. I will try to remember and bring the camera. :)

Oh, and I finished the Cherry Calfuti BFF Socks last night. FINALLY! But thanks to Ravelry (love that site) I see that I only started them March 30. I guess because I have been working a pair of socks in the same pattern for INBA it feels like an eternity. Note to Self- don't work on two pairs of the same pattern at the same time. That and I was distracted for about a week by... you know. His second is turning a heel, I will finish them by the weekend, I think. Then I will be done with BFF and distracted by MSW goodies. *squeeee*

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Hate to Do this to You

But seriously... I am obsessed. And just so you know, the total is 8 of the original obsession and now I have moved on to another pattern. That's ravelry, again. *sigh* And it isn't like I am done with the first. I might be close, though. I want to see how many I can get out of one ball of Sugar n'Cream. 2 for sure, maybe 3.

If you cannot go to ravelry, click over to my flickr (link in sidebar) and it will be obvious what I have been doing with my time. This may defeat the secret project thing, but I suck with secrets anyway.

The boys are doing swim lessons once a week in preparation for summer. Eldest has forgotten that he has for the last 6 years or so, stubbornly refused to let go of the instructor and swim. He is going to be a little fish if he can keep from remembering. INBA is reminding me of my sister. He doesn't like to get his face wet. The only way that could possibly be overcome is by the "anything you can do, I can too," sibling inspiration. Time will tell.

The Mister got the summer clothes out of the attic last night. This usually means that there will be a definate chill in the air for the next week or two. I am good at predicting such things. I hope not, though. I sure do like 70 degrees.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Secret Project

I am pretty sure that certain people don't read this blog. But one can never be too sure. People lurk.

So, if you want to see what I am (compulsively) working on, look here (ravelry.) Then, look in the projects to see more. Ok, so I got (am still) a little carried away. It is so unlike me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Spring Cipcakes

Yes, Darlings... I have survived another year in Chez Mayhem. What a dazzling, beautiful, blue-skied, sunny day was gifted to me, too. Yes, it was all for me and not for you. Sure, you were able to celebrate with me. But trust me, today was all about me.

To sum up. I have great friends. I had a fabulous birthday. I look forward to another great year. I hope the same for you, too.

Cupcake, anyone?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Pics

I was reading Rani, and I thought,
"ugh, we are supposed to get snow this weekend. I better take some pictures of the yellow in the yard before it gets frozen."Of course, it is raining at the moment, so all shots are from inside the front door...
and out the dining room window in the back.

Can you tell what the boys did with the first whisps of spring?
200 lbs already added to the box, 150 more still in the bag, compliments of Daddy.
I think there will be another 200 lbs to come.
The blessing and curse of a big, handmade sand box.
The boys play for HOURS, and man, that is a LOT of sand.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Am Sensitive

I hate Oak Trees.
That is a bit strong. Not all Oak Trees, just the ones in and around Western Pennsylvania that I am allergic to. Thank goodness that Zyrtec is over the counter now. I tried it in desperation... and it works! A little, at least. My allergies are pretty monsterous, so it would be a grand dream that one medication would fix me. boo-hoo. I am accustomed to being hyper-sensitve to other things, but I am still going to whine about my intense discomfort at the moment and my inability to go outside without making it worse. boo-hoo. June cannot come quickly enough.
Let's look at my sweater instead.I like it bunches. It is going to be around for a while, so, I will try not to bore you with too many in progress shots... but I do really, really, like it and I cannot make too many promises.
Here is a modified BFF sock by Cookie A. I did a different heel and didn't carry the pattern onto the foot. It is Jitterbug Fruit Coulis. YUMMY!! The color is off in the picture, the yarn is really much more hot pink.

That is all I know for now.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Regular programing will resume shortly

The Extravaganza was Friday. Much success, if I do say so myself.
Heeding Heather's fabulous advice, I donated 3 hours of knitting lessons to the silent auction. Would you believe that it sold for $150!! Makes a girl feel special, I tell you. Oh, and it is a good cause.
Hopefully, we made a ton of money. That will be figured out as the week goes on. Either way, it was more than they had last Thursday!

And you guess correctly if you assume that hardly a stitch was knit this whole week. I am working to reverse that trend... but laundry didn't get done this week, either...