Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just Because You Never Know...

Who reads your blog?
Uncle Charley!! *WAVE*
He is on the mend after what turned into a quadruple bypass and a lung operation.
Whew! Hope you are feeling better and heal quickly.
Otherwise, the weeks have slipped away here. I am wondering if I should just get used to that? It seems to be the norm anymore.
Hmm, what have we been doing?
Umm, the usual.
Not too terribly much on the knitting front. I have been spinning. I did a big basketful of carding this weekend. I am in process of washing some more. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did not buy that 11 pound fleece! 4 pounds really is going to take all summer!
I am in process of dreaming about the cardigan I am going to make out of my romney. I found a beautiful scroll cable in a back issue (1999) of knitter's magazine. I think I want a shawl collar, too. I guess this sweater, should it materialize, will be all mine from start to finish! A little overwhelming to think about.
Oh, and also overwhelming, the school secretary's sister has two llamas. They were just shorn on Sunday. Guess who is going to have llama... um, hair? Yep, I am the (how did she describe me?) "neat" lady at school that spins and so she asked if I wanted the shearing. I said yes, of course!! I may be a durn fool, but I am going to have plenty to keep me occupied this summer :)
I told the Mister that she describes me as "neat" and he said that is as bad as being called "interesting." Heh. I still can think of worse things to be called. And I am ok, I think, with being *this far* from called eccentric.
The only weirdness in my basement is fiber, I swear!
Oh, and because weird loves company... I have friends that are total enablers. We all know about Laurie and CQ. But, then there is Annette. She has loaned me her drum carder. And she gave me an almost complete collection of SpinOff that goes back to 1986! Oh, yes, total enabler. Love it. Spoiled with friends.
Ok, here is a picture of the boys in the pool at Healthtrax.
We missed swim lesson yesterday because I forgot to pick up Eldest after school.
Yes, proud Mom Moment. Nothing like getting the phone call from the school... "Mrs. Mayhem? Eldest is waiting for you..."
Doh! In my defense, INBA threw up in the church during practice for Kindergarten Graduation. Just a little puke, he is fine. But I had to go get him. He ate a good lunch and ran my errands with me. So I was all out of sync with it being Tuesday and swim lesson day and... so we were late. The boys still had a good time in the pool. That is Eldest there in the middle. That splash is him swimming!! He forgot this spring that his entire life he has refused to let go of the instructor or side of the pool!! And you should see him. Wow. Little fish.
INBA is getting stronger, too. He is getting more comfortable putting his head under water and really blowing bubbles.
The only thing is... neither of them can tread water... not that they can't tread water, they can't keep their heads above water. Eldest is really good at treading and keeping the crown of his head out. Craziest thing you would ever see. Any hints?
Is that too many words without pictures? Did you even get this far? Thanks!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something About Wednesday

It seems to be my day. So, Hello!
I hope your Mother's Day was nice. It stormed like nobody's business, here. Which is A-OK, because the Mister didn't try to make me go do something 'fun' outside and bug my allergies :)
That and it was easy to get a table when we took the MIL out to dinner without reservations. The Mister likes to live dangerously. (I think he is hoping that we decide to go home for hamsammiches instead of making him pay for dinner. He's tricky, but we are on to him.)
Saturday, however, was gorgeous. Not too hot, not too cold, a really nice day to explore Old Economy. The boys really enjoyed it. And since there were all of 10 people there the whole day, we did whatever we pleased without any hassle.
Eldest pumped some water. He wasn't so interested in doing laundry in the tub near by. They tried to figure out how to roll the hoops.
Daddy even got into the game.
The best part was dinner on the way home. We accidentally found this place in Ambridge. OMG. They seriously make the best Hot Beef I have ever had. And their Rice Pudding is homemade and quite possibly better than mine! The Mister says not quite, but I think he was being nice on Mother's Day weekend.
So, do you want to see my fleecy progress? Oh, good.
Here are some rolags. So fluffy and cloud-like.
This is one lock that I used a dog comb on. I have a basket of these that I am going to spin up next. I spun the rolags first. I am doing my own experiments with what is easier to spin or if I see any difference in the yarn. Just 'cuz I can.
This is my ultra fabulous stool that I bought at MSW.
I love it.
Here is my single from the rolags...
Here it is plied. I am very proud of it.
I even finished it and have been carrying it around looking for people to show it off to... funny, not too many care about my yarn. *pout* I will take it to knitting on Friday. I should find some yarny luff there.
And that is pretty much it... for now.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday Already?

Wow, where to begin?
How about with some red socks? Finished and immediately worn. Exactly why I knit for the kid.And then I went off to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
Ooooh, so cute!
I absolutely, positively had a fabulous time!
I bought my fleece, some accessories for my wheel, some yarn for a bag for a birthday present, and a skein of sock yarn from Tess. Tess works some kind of color magic, Eldest immediately claimed the green yarn for himself and asked for SOCKS!!! What?!? After so much rejection, I don't know if I can stand it. Of course, I will knit him socks.
I also bought a stool. The best stool ever. I will take a picture, I promise, the next time I am not sitting on it. I bought it with the intention of using it for spinning, but it is so much more useful than that. More on that later.
I keep trying to type, 'I love my stool,' but then I think it sounds too inappropriate and easily taken out of context.

Then, I got to meet Heather and that was fun. Kinda weird to meet for real. And then, I am quite bad at the getting to know you small talk. I am a gibbering idiot. Sorry, Heather. I did really like meeting you!
I also saw Laurie, CQ, dputiger, and Michelle and Darka, not to mention a bus full of knitters from Pittsburgh and beyond.
Here is Ms. A and I on the bus ride home. Ms. A. knows that I am a blathering fool and still goes on bus trips with me. Thanks, Ms. A.

So what then? Laurie came over on Monday to do some spinning and encourage me with my fleece. See? We laid out my 4.25 lbs of Romney on my patio table. That is a big table, seats 6 very comfortably. Wow, thank goodness I didn't buy that 11 lb bag that was tempting me!
Isn't it lovely? I washed a basket full (barely made a dent, oh, did I mention that I bought a basket, too? I guess I need to take a picture of that, too.) I carded a couple of rolags and spun the first single, about half a bobbin. I carded a bit more of what I washed today, but haven't sat at the wheel this evening. Hopefully, tomorrow. Pictures of the process to come... until you can't stand it anymore! Seriously, I have a really hard time concentrating on anything else at the moment. The only knitting that has been done is on the current travelling sock that I started on the way to Maryland. Otherwise, Romney, Romney, Romney.

Friday, May 02, 2008


I need to get to bed. I am being picked up at 5:10 am! What?!?! The bus to Maryland leaves at 6am and we have a good 25 minute drive to get there. YIPPEE. I hope I am not so excited that I will be disappointed.

Here's a little more excitement.

My Nephew's father became a Naturalized American Citizen this morning. How cool is that? Nephew turned 12 in February.


Then, for a little not-so-exciting. My Uncle turned 54 yesterday and today had a triple bypass. Yikes. Please keep Uncle Charley in your good thoughts or vibes or prayers or whatever you do. Eldest would have been named after this Uncle if The Mister's sister hadn't named her son Charles 18 months before Eldest was born. Eldest would have been a good Charley. But he is a good Eldest, too.