Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Looking for Something

I am swatching the "who cares if it is steeler colors" Lorna's Laces. Just because it is in a ball and just because I have a serious case of startitis. I have 3 pairs of socks in progress and a cardigan and the Mister's basket of yarn staring at me. So, I guess I need to start a pair of gloves for Eldest.
I suppose the problem is as much the weather as anything. I just need a perk up. It is kind of like wanting some chocolate and grazing thru everything in the pantry until I get to the chocolate which is what I should have just gone to to begin with-- oh please, like I am the only one that does that?-- Anyway, I need a project to get excited about. I need something fun and easy and quick and satisfying. So why would I reach for the "who cares" yarn? Because it is in a ball. I am grazing, I guess. I should just go upstairs and root around a bit. But then I will end up winding a bunch of balls and then I will feel pressure to knit it all up and I have so much stuff on the needles and then I will feel bad and cranky. Yeah, I am a procrastinator, too. So let me swatch and see what happens after that.

And then there is the horrific events at Virginia Tech.
The Mister is an Alum of that fine institution, his education has served him well.
What can be said? It is a tragedy of unreal proportions. I hope and pray for comfort and strength to endure for all the families touched by this (and all) violence. It is devestating that this kind of thing can happen. Let's pray for healing and forgiveness, that these families can find hope and purpose, inspired by the lives of those loved and those lost.
I just wish that there was some sort of sparkly, wooly way to make it all go away.

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LaurieG said...

Hmmm. There could be. You could start a grass-roots knitting project. Some throws/afghans for survivors -- like a long distance hug. Just a thought.