Friday, April 06, 2007


Not me!



The fabulous, beautiful, way wonderful, hopefully someday to be the Mister's Bauhaus Fair Isle Sweater. Let's all cross our fingers.

My confidence has grown because of failure.
Well, swatches may indeed be filthy little liars, but the alternative is this. <-
So, as I finnegan-begin-again my eyelet and chevron socks (with my fool hardy assumptions about guage and this yarn tossed out the window by hard core measurements) I will be swatching for the BFIS-- and enjoying it! mostly.

Happy Easter!! With Treats!
The boys had a great time decorating these cookies that I found at Costco. It came with the cookies, icing and candy. Oh, yeah.

Eldest's and INBA's masterpieces.


Rani said...

Yeah! Your shipment came! It's like as much fun as getting surprise chocolates in the mail. Good luck - from what I can see, you'll have few problems (I won't so NO problems because that may jinx it).

Yummy cookies.

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

HEY! I can't figure out how to tell you and Sarah, and Laurie how I got this.. So I made one and I'm trying to comment so you can comment back and somehow have a link on my blog to get to your blog and everyone elses... HELP! and those cookies are HUGE! :)