Saturday, March 31, 2007

Preschool Field Trip

INBA's class met at the National Aviary on Friday. We had a very nice presentation where the children showed off their enthusiasm and then had a walk around the Aviary.
Here is a very interesting page about the peregrine falcons nesting on the Cathedral of Learning, it has a territory dispute 'caught on web cam' !
The Aviary is pretty neat, if you haven't been, I recommend.

Anyway, this is INBA standing next to a crane... you know, the graceful crane that inspires so much japanese art? LOOK how BIG it is! I wish I had a picture of it with its head up, it is as tall as me!

And then there was this bird.

That did this! The keeper was speechless!
I guess this is not common behaviour with so many spectators. (It was feeding time.)

Friday events continued with INBA taking his first picture with Mommy's digital camera.

The REAL fun of Friday...
Was at Joseph-Beth booksellers in the South Side at 7 pm.
The Celtic Queen saved seats to see/hear the Yarn Harlot. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this. Maybe it's just because I like to laugh. Maybe it is just because I like to knit my socks without anyone looking at me funny ('cuz they are all knitting their socks, too.) Maybe it is just because I got out of the house.
Whatever it is, I have a new book to read and I have pictures to prove it.
It's Laurie, Me and the Celtic Queen.

oh, and of course, this is Stephanie... holding my sock.

I don't even know what to say...

how about, "great bohus!"

Dang, wish I had thought of that!

What can Top That?
I am hoping that some hand dyed yarn can come close. The Mister made me a PVC niddy noddy just a few minutes ago. So now I am going to try and find instructions on how to wind the yarn on it...ah, this tells me how. I think I am going to have to play with it a bit.
Then I need to soak my yarn and then I need to be patient until tomorrow afternoon when Laurie and CQ (and the boys) come over.

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Rani said...

Yeah! Fun to see pictures of my favorite knit-blog-ladies! And meeting Her Majesty! My goodness, what a day. 2nd guessing the bathrobe.