Sunday, April 15, 2007


When one becomes old, one celebrates as celebration is convenient, rather than accurate.
So we celebrated my arrival on the planet.
The Mister and the Boys got up early to make me a cake.
The Mister now contends that by the time he has celebrated my birth 30 times, the cake will be perfect, having learned from all mistakes. Honestly, this is the first cake he has ever really jacked up. I hope this does not set a precedent for the year. And really, it was mostly the frosting that was... um... not traditional, but we all know that I am not harmed by foregoing the frosting. And Betty Crocker is just not the best place to get a cake recipe... unless you like the fluffy box cake type thing, and then it is just easier to open a box and crack a couple eggs.
All this being what it is, My Mister made me a cake for my birthday.
My Mister loves me.
I love my Mister.
I love my cake.

Oh, and I got a bike for my birthday.
It is hot pink.
I feel like a 10 year old.
Now I need a helmet and a lock and I am hoping to find a white wicker basket for the handlebars with big colorful plastic daisys.
Oh, and it needs to stop being February and start acting like April outside so that the boys and I can go around the block.
Geesh, I get demanding-- just because I was born.


LaurieG said...

Wow. That's some bike. Where exactly are you going on it? Looks like you could ride all the way to DC.

Anonymous said...

wow, my bestest friend is all grown up. And I remember when we turned 16... ah well Happy bday baby

Rani said...

I'm making my husband read your blog! A cake?! Wow. Also, get a big loud honker-horn for your bike!!

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

So sweet, and nice bike! Yes bloomin' yarns is beautiful! I didn't want to leave! Oh, I've got a questions, I forget how to decrease. So the baby hat to go with the baby scarf has 78 stitches. how do I start to decrease?? help! thanks- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...


Celtic Queen said...

Happy Birthday! I need to make the hubby read the post so I can get fun cake and a bike too.

Jennifer said...

Well, happy birthday again! :-)

That's great that you're married to an enginerd... er... engineer! (That means you'll be better at tuning out any boring stuff you might see on my blog!) Did you mean that he went to Virginia Tech? I hope if he still has any friends there, that they're safe and sound.