Friday, February 02, 2007

Plain Regular Blue Rebellion

Blog Me, Mommy!

Who could deny this face?

Oh, and can I say how much better 5 is?
Night and day.

He is posing with his dog mug. Aunt Peggy gave him that for either his (4th) birthday or Christmas. (it is all the same week, give me a break) He loves this mug. It is the only mug he will use without complaint.

Onto Rebellion

Ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration.
I did, however, very much enjoy knitting with not-plain-regular-blue.
This is Bramble by Manos del Uruguay. They are mittens with the help of Ann Bud's the knitter's book of patterns. The picture does no justice to the color which is much more cranberry dominated, but the cerulean blue is absolutely gorgeous and the color of the perfect sky. Not plain, not regular.
I had to add a couple of rows between the ribbing (which I made on less stitches than recommended and increased to recommended at the beginning of stockinette) and making the thumb gusset.
The problem that I had with the gloves that I made was the ribbing riding up onto my palm. My mom likes the gloves, they fit her well.
The mittens do not ride. The cuff is snug, too. I love my new mittens.

This is not blue, either. It is Classic Yarns Soft Tweed in Sprig. Ok, there are speckles of blue. But mostly it is green, soft sagey green. Which also doesn't photograph well.
And yes, I am making #32 in the February Knit 'N Style. I think I am going to put buttons on it. I have some buttons that will look fab with this yarn.
Nothing is ever perfect, is it?

I had to stop fondling the Socks that Rock that Laurie brought me from MSW last spring. The color way is Lemongrass and apparently reluctant to show its real beauty to my camera, too. (It is the yarn, not me. I swear.)
I am using the diamond rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

This is, of course, in anticipation of the Rockin' Sock Club.

Were you thinking about designing a shawl for someone special to make with some fabulous yarn that you gifted to that special person?

And then there is this.


Think we can copy and make better?

What about those beads? I think beads would be beautiful.

I haven't ever knit with beads.

Think about it.

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LaurieG said...

We can make it better, stronger, faster....The thing with beads, tho is that they all have to be pre-strung.

I've been staring at that leaf edging, too.