Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad, but not Naughty

or, Spoiled, but not Rotten... You pick, I cannot decide.

I forgot my camera this morning. I was going to document the entire thing and blog like crazy. But no. I forgot the camera. Oh well, trust me when I say that Ms.A had 3 very, very nice spinning wheels and one beginner wheel sitting in her living room when I arrived this morning. *gasp* Yes, I was giddy.
I have had one lesson on a wheel in Waynesburg at their sheep and wool festival- oh, a year and a half ago. Laurie taught me how to use the drop spindle prior to that, but my shoulder just won't tolerate it.
So, when Ms.A offered to give me the run around on her wheels, I jumped at the chance... and I got to spend a morning visiting with Ms.A, which is a treat in and of itself. So, long morning short, no pictures to see, she lent me an Ashford Traditional to play with and with the intent (by me) to talk the Mister into relieving her of it.
The trouble comes here. The boys are well aware that the only thing on my Christmas list is a spinning wheel. How does one come to acquire a second hand one when Santa thinks that I want him to bring one... Yeah, you see the conversation that danced around this afternoon. Hmm. Well, I suppose Daddy could talk to Santa and see if it is ok... Or I don't know that Santa would be disappoointed if Daddy gave it to me instead... The Mister says I am digging my own grave for when the, *ummmm* you know, truth comes out. Yeah, well... I am not going to break it out just cuz I am cheap *frugal* and feel much better with recycling and giving new life to the neglected object rather than new for the sake of new.
Either way, I am going to go fill another bobbin with crappy learning to spin singles. *grin*
I think I am settling on SPOILED.


DPUTiger said...

Yay for you! Best of luck weaving your perfectly believable web! :)

Celtic Queen said...

YAY! Lots of spinning to do. I too have been getting back. Maybe we should find some time to bring the wheels over....

LaurieG said...

Let's do spinning on Friday! I need to get my wheel up and running, and if you don't want to bring out your loaner you can try mine out. (I'll bring a spindle.) And Hello? Santa can liberate your wheel. Surely the guys know about the Island of Misfit Toys (and Spinning Wheels)???

DPUTiger said...

Pardon the second comment, but I might have had a brainstorm ... If you decide to purchase the borrowed wheel, can it "live" at someone else's house until it magically appears under the tree via Santa's sleigh? Seems like you can explain that Santa wanted to make sure you'd get a wheel you would love, which is why he let you take it for a test drive? Just a thought... :) amy