Monday, October 08, 2007

A little weekend fun

Saturday, Laurie came over with an armload of videos. The Mister was out doing Mister-things, and we dipped spicy-sweet mustard with pita chips and gorged ourselves on Kaffe Fassett.
Check out this guy! I did not need to find this. When this is what I was looking for and is more than enough!
OHHH, I love color. I lamented to Laurie, "Could you imagine if we had time to do all the things that are in our head!?!" But I made a conscious choice to be married and have children, I made a commitment to raise my children as well as I can. That just means that I don't have time to do most of the things that are in my head. I think most of us are in the same boat. I think it also explains why we have so much stash, because when I do have time... but right now, I need to go clean the bathroom before Eldest gets home from school.

Edited to Add: I didn't go clean the bathroom. I am really a lousy wife/mother/housekeeper. Please don't tell on me, 'k? Anyway, I guess it was one of those group consciousness things this weekend, check out Panopticon's account of a real life encounter with Kaffe Fassett! Oh, I think I might be unbearable if I had a real-life workshop with those guys. Now, I guess I will go do my laundry. Hey, stop laughing. I just might.

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LaurieG said...

I ate so much spicy mustard on pretzels yesterday I got spice burn on the inside of my mouth. Moderation has never been my strong suit.