Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Bday, INBA!

My baby is 6 today! Whoa...

He had his party last weekend. I have a double chocolate (that gene came from me) cake on the cooling rack. He is so proud to be 6! Very cute.

It has been busy around Chez Mayhem. Parties and Pageants and Concerts and still I managed to get Accupuncture on my shoulder yesterday! I am very pleased and I think in combination with the Neuro-muscular massage, I may quit complaining about how much my shoulder hurts-Without Surgery!!!!!!!!!! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. *big grin*

We saw the sun yesterday. ALL DAY!! I couldn't figure out why it was so bright and light at 7:30 am... it was that elusive sun-thing that we hadn't seen in weeks! Boy, what a nice change. Of course, today we are back to the thick grey clouds and it will be gross from dawn to dusk... but we saw the sun YESTERDAY!!

Ok, that is my little update. I still haven't written the Christmas letter...but I have the pictures, stamps and labels... close counts? No? Alright, gotta go, then.

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Celtic Queen said...

Happy Birthday! So are you going to share that cake? :)