Friday, October 05, 2007

I Felt That!

Can you see the People?
They are supposed to be dancing.
They are a pattern from my Traditional Scandinavian Knitting book by Sheila McGregor.
And the rest of the pattern I made up by kinda mish-mashing a couple of things that I liked from a couple of other patterns.A hat plus some.
This is the simple cable hat from Cables Untangled.
LOVE this yarn.
I needed just a smidge more than one hank for the hat, so I am trying to make up a fingerless mitt to match from the left over.
Can you tell that I had to get away from the blue socks for a bit?
The Mister didn't think it was as funny as I did that, needing a break from blue, it sent me to the other side of the color wheel! Orange! Without even thinking!! Funny how the brain- and the eye- works.
I can't believe that it is Friday! Where did this week go?
My brother and his family came to visit last weekend, we took him to a Pirate game for his birthday- yes they lost- and I think he had a good enough time that he will come back.
Somehow, I managed to let the rest of the week wiz by me.
Hopefully, this weekend will be a bit more low key. Looking at the calendar, though, I am not too optomistic. Celtic Queen says that I need a bigger calendar. I say, "NO!! PLEASE, NO! If I have more space to write in more things I will be even more busy, and still not be able to tell you what I do with all my time!!"
So now, I will go watch INBA playing in the sandbox. It is 80+ and supposed to get hotter before it does anything else. Whew, some kind of October! Makes me worry about paybacks in the middle of winter... anyone seen a wooly catepillar this year? What is the forecast?
LOOK HERE. Everything is on the internet.
Have a great weekend... before the heavy rain comes.


Rani said...

That hat looks everything BUT 'simple'! It's gorgeous! I've decided. . . it's going to be my first 'cable' project. Love the color and the yarn you picked.

LaurieG said...

Mister Dude wants you to get back to his blue sweater. Missed you!