Saturday, October 27, 2007

STR Spoilage for October

Leave it to the Yarn Harlot to design the best sock, yet, in the best colorway, yet.
The colors are a little washed in this photo. It is a really deep and rich black and plum.
As far as anything else going on around here?
I finished another pair of blue socks for a Christmas present.
I am working on a red pair for INBA to get from Mrs. Clause.
Um, I forgot, again, to take a pic of the swatch for Leafy Heather. I am waiting on the needles to arrive to work on that.
Eldest and INBA started up into floor hockey, again today. (longest hour of my life, I don't know how you people spend all day at a soccer field)
We had brunch at Duke's Station on Baptist Road. It is an old train car as dining room. You know INBA loved it. I am considering having his birthday party there.


Celtic Queen said...

Knitting is a must at the soccer field. :) And it gets easier as they become more practiced at the sport.

Jess said...

I love dukes. Its a common meet up for my mom, brother, and I. We always get a huge appetizer plate and share. MMMMM.
I really REALLY like that pattern and color. Really awesome!!!

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

Pretty yarn! And I'm still wearing flip flops~ hehe. :)

LaurieG said...

Dave played guitar there once. Hold off on the shawl, I have to send you an updated chart.

Bubblie said...
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Rani said...

Um, didn't you bring your knitting? I also will wear one ear piece and listen to a book on tape in my i-pod. (Do people think I'm anti-social? - Yes.)

I am so jealous right now of the newest STR thingy you got. That is a great color and teh pattern looks really cool.

Can't wait to see some of those socks posted. Will we have to wait until after Christmas?