Monday, October 08, 2007

Thank Goodness for the Weather

What else would we have to talk about? The weather man says that despite the fact that it is nearly 90 degrees today, by Friday we will be hoping for 60. Yikes. It is definately all or nothing around here.

Yes, this hat should look familiar. It is the mitts that I completed this weekend. I love 'em. But I am thinking that this set would really make a nice gift for someone. Now I just need to think of whom. They fit me and Laurie and the Mister, so size isn't an issue.

I did make up a rough pattern as I knit the mitts, so I am going to look into how one might put a pattern in the side bar. Any advice?


Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

I think the orange is a lovely color... I have a scarf that matches very well! :) hehe..

LaurieG said...

Pattern in the sidebar. Put it along with some nice photos into its own blog entry. Then add the entry's link (if you mouse over the time at the bottom of the post you'll see it's really a link) to the sidebar the same way you did all your other links.

Rani said...

I haven't yet figured out the .pdf thing, but I know it's been done before!

I LOVE that set so much! Don't give it away! What if you need to reference it? Don't you deserve to wear them?! Keep them and make some more as a gift. Or keep them at least long enough to finish a second set and then pick your fav.

PS. Did you do your laundry?