Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well, I got my invitation. So I set up my profile and that is it so far. I am Pisellogirl, if you want to be my friend and share any tips and tricks.

And don't forget about the PartyLite candle party at my house tonight at 7pm. I hope we don't freak the candle lady out with -what will inevitably get pulled out- flamable knitting materials!! You must promise to be careful and keep away from open flame :) Even Mrs. H. - whom I taught to knit last week while in public at a swanky mall- will be bringing her project(s). Can you believe she has 3 scarves on needles already?!?! Nah, she isn't going to be a compulsive knitter... nah, never! *bwahahaha* converting at every opportunity, doing my part for the survival of the LYS!!

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