Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!
Admitedly, not my favorite holiday, but hard not to smile when the boys are so cut in their costumes. INBA was a shark- but he doesn't eat people, I asked. Eldest was a robot, made by him and the Mister. A little commentary follow-up...
Of course, I take my knitting with me to hockey!! But the chairs are really uncomfortable and it is really loud and the parents getting worked up about 5-7 year olds playing floor hockey annoy me.
I am, indeed, being a little shy with my xmas knitting. I know some people pop in unexpectedly. My own children often appear at my shoulder, too. Boy, you look forward to them learning how to read and then spend your time, once they know how, keeping them from reading things!
They are back!
So, I need to go claim the "MOMMY TAX"
Have a frightfully good night!

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Rani said...

(I hate halloween - SHHHHHH don't tell my kids).

I LOVE those costumes! There is nothing more cool than something home-made (ours were store-bought).