Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mixing of Emotions

Here's a little ditty that a friend sent me the link to... they don't allow this one to be embeded, but it is worth a click. Of course, my friend thinks she is funny.

My emotions are jumbly because my friend Shizuko from Long Beach, CA is coming to visit for a couple of days on her way West. She and her family have been on a cross country road trip and are coming up Pittsburgh way to visit us.
Shizuko is one of those friends that you meet (at a park near our house, one random afternoon) and start talking because the boys are playing so well together. I didn't think that we would have anything to say or in common because we come from very different backgrounds. But then, we are instant friends. We laugh, we are quite alike with much to share from our different experiences, and it feels like we had been friends forever almost from the beginning. It is wonderful, because even if we don't speak for any amount of time, we take right back up as if it were yesterday. She is really a blessing to me. And she was one of a gajillion reasons that I didn't want to leave California.
So, I am jumbly because I know that I am going to be really sad when she leaves. I am sad just thinking about how happy I am that I will get to see her tomorrow.
Pretty messed up.

I'll blame it on postpartum hormones.

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Rani said...

Sounds like a soul-mate of sorts! Enjoy each others company!