Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing to Show

Well, we made it thru the first 6 weeks- 7 1/2 by now - and I have nothing to show. No new pictures and nothing crafty, for sure.
Eldest turns 9 this week. Yes, I said 9 years old. He is having a party at the park this weekend and is quite excited.
School is out on Friday. With the few camps and activities that we have planned, summer feels like it is half gone. Lil'one can't stand the car, so it will be late summer, if at all, before we do any kind of car trip. Which is ok with me, I don't care to be in the car for more than 2 hours, anyway.
I cannot believe how the days have flown and I have nothing to share.
Must be the Momnesia.


LaurieG said...

Thank goodness for Momnesia -- otherwise we'd all only have one kid! Give your little flower a hug from me!

Rani said...

PHEW! Happy Birthday, Eldest! (My middle just turned 9, too).