Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where Has the Summer Gone?

This is it... the last week of summer.
The boys go back to school on the 31st.
I feel so much pressure! Can the last week be memorable?
Does it need to be?
We had more cousins visiting this month.Poor Lil'onE. Look at what she is surrounded by! The Mister's 2nd sister's 3 boys and our two... poor thing. But in fairness, I did promise to take this picture if they gave us one 'nice' one. We all know the truth in this picture!

The Mister is a Virginia Tech alumnus. Of course Lil'onE is adorned appropriately!
Doesn't he look proud?

And then the 4th month was gone...
4 months old. And adorable in watermelons.
I want to be a baby. Everyone thinks her fleshy thighs are cute.

Oh, and about the llama. Filthy. Filthy. And I think I am allergic. It makes my eyes itch and my nose itch and sneezy and...
The Mister says I just need to wash it more. Perhaps. The problem is getting from one side of that to the other. Not really a journey I am looking to make.
It is truly unfortunate, too. The fiber is a beautiful silver and charcoal grey. It would blend beautifully with my fleece.

1 comment:

Rani said...

Oh, no! Can you wash it some more?? Run to your LYS and take some 'clean' llama off the shelf and see if you have the same reaction...

Darling baby girl and YES, those thighs - I just want to squeeze them!