Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Days

First, Happy Birthday to Laurie!! 29 with experience, I hear.
We had lunch at Mitchells and a walk around the Galleria on Saturday to celebrate.
by the by... The Mister wasn't impressed with my Gymboree bag, but INBA loved the dogs.
I didn't get her anything off her birthday list, but I think she feels appreciated anyway.
We agreed that it wasn't safe for me to be going to the movies with her, seeing how last year after a birthday celebration that included "Mama Mia," The Mister took advantage of my "no one's going to call me when I am old blues" and gave me a daughter...
Who is 3 months old today!
super trooper....hmm mm hmmmhmm.


LaurieG said...

It was a wonderful birthday! (And like I said...I'm 23*.) I got a compliment on my new bag today at work :) Oh, and I just noticed the label! Duh. BabeE seems to like the mall...
*Evil Twin and I are splitting them.

Rani said...

I'll have to hop on over to LaurieG's blog and wish her well.

Happy 3 month birthday to baby girl!!