Thursday, October 01, 2009

Matchy Match

I finished my Lady Tulip to match the beautiful Tulip that Laurie made for Lil'OnE.
And I worry that she is going to be a peas-on-the-wall girl.
Ok, that doesn't sound good. But look at the arm going and the splatter on the face! We are getting a little better with the whole 'solid food' thing... but I have several damp towels close by at all times.

And I finally had a professional portrait taken of Lil'OnE... only took 5 months.
I must say, she is peaches. :)
The boys are busy with school. The Mister took them for the Cub Scout Fall Campout last weekend. in.the.rain. How's that for dedication?
Eldest has taken up Trombone for the school band. That is interesting. But only for about 20 minutes a day. heh.
I am hoping that the weather improves for the weekend. The Hickory Apple Festival is this weekend and I want to go.
How's that for a nutshell?

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Lacey said...

Matching sweaters how cute!