Monday, May 18, 2009

Sneak It In

Lil'one is sleeping, waiting for her brothers to burst through the front door after a Monday of education. Hopefully, I will be able to finish this entry before she awakes.
If it goes to no-caps, I am one handed.How's this for smitten big brothers?
They prefer her when she is quiet. I cannot say I blame them! This girl has some lungs!

Aw, isn't she sweet?

She is really saying, "Hey! Look at my great hand-knit sweater!!"
Not, "I hate the car seat!!"
If only.
And then sometimes, she looks like this.

The best, is when they look like this.
It has been a long and short month. I can't believe it was four weeks ago that she arrived! We are all adjusting to each other. And I am wondering why I thought I didn't get anything done before? I can barely check my email once a week, now!
I am sure that I will be lamenting this when she goes off to Kindergarten... maybe.
So, you know, I have not knit a stitch. I have only looked longingly into my craft room. I have watched way too much morning tv.
And Lil'one just called me.


LaurieG said...

OMG! INBA looks just like his dad in that picture. I'll come take that little flower off your hands any time!

Heather said...

Awww - Heather, your family is just beautiful! The one of The Mister and her is just precious!!