Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Busy Days

Like a Cat in a roomful of rocking chairs, a Knitter is not safe in a roomful of numismatists.
The Mister has inherited some coins. The boys spread out on the living room floor and the numbers and dates were flying. Great for keeping track of my own decreases!! heh.
They have some pretty cool coins. Silver dollars from the 1800's, silver dimes, indian head pennies, even steel pennies from 1943- one of which is worth over $2. Not bad for a penny.
Of course, for INBA the highlight of the collection are the Train and Trolley tokens that were mixed in. I cannot tell you how many trains have gone to Johnstown since then. Even funnier, though, they have never been to Johnstown. Maybe we should correct that this summer.
Eldest was quite intent on trying to fill up the penny book that the Mister purchased. It holds coins from 1900 to 1959, I think. We had fun talking about where those pennies, especially the 1909 and 1933, may have been, what was happening, how much it could have bought, who might have held on to that penny longer than someone else.
Yeah, I wonder why my kids are weird.

Probably because mommy is weird and obsessed with trivialities, not the least of which is her knitting.
I finished my first personal sock club. Groovy Socks (by sockpixie) with Vesper Sock Yarn in Lovely Lollipop Sky. Love, love, love, Julia's sock yarn.
As soon as I finished, I ran up stairs- well, as much as you can call a pregnant lady running- because the boys were already in bed, and grabbed another bag.
Yes, I can be patient.
Ok, no, not really.
And this is what I found. Sweet Socks in Purpurly by Sweet Sheep along with the Vinnland sock pattern by the AntiCraft.
lucky me, lucky me.
I do have to be honest, though. I have a strong desire to knit a plain sock.
I may have to make a pair for INBA while I am working on this, too.
We'll see how I feel once I get started.
And in Weather news
Uh, cold doesn't begin to describe it.
Eldest has been enjoying the Wallaby, to be sure. Honestly, I would have preferred to be disappointed he was only able to wear it a couple times! Brr. Highs barely making it to 20 degrees. We didn't even get any of that snow that coated the east coast to make it, at least, pretty to look at. *sigh*
Oh well, I have a new pair of socks to keep me warm.


LaurieG said...

If you go to Johnstown, definately go to the flood museum.

Rani said...

Fun project with the kids. My dad used to do that with us (the coin thing).

How ya feelin' these days?

DPUTiger said...

I was in Georgia when they got DUMPED with snow on Sunday. I think it was fun? My boss got the truck and trailer stuck in the mud, so it resulted in about 10 hours less in a car at the end of the day, so I guess I really shouldn't complain. Hope to see you at some point!