Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ignore the Silence

This clinches it. Say hello to my Mid-Life Crisis!

The new addition will be pushing back my self indulgence another 8 years or so, but I can be patient... mostly.

We are in the worst part of the whole ordeal. Ok, I am in the worst part of the whole ordeal. So uncomfortable. And my ankles are just gross. But enough about the last weeks of Pregnancy.
Baby Girl's all set up. The diapers and onesies are washed and the crib is made up and the coming home outfit is in the bag. I actually packed my hospital bag 2 days ago. I feel better being a little bit prepared, finally. hee-hee.

This little white lacy cardi will top her coming home outfit.
I made a hat to match, but forgot to photograph.

It certainly satisfied the need to knit a baptism outfit. I still think it would have been nice to do so, but only if I had thought of it much earlier. Maybe for a grandbaby, someday.

Knit Night ladies bestowed the lil'one with handknits last Friday. I haven't taken any pics of the goodies yet. I am hoping that CQ or Laurie will email me pictures (HUGE HINT) that they took of the event.

Needless to say, I run with a fabulously talented crowd. She has several cardigans, ranging from Stacey's first baby cardigan to Laurie's Tulip (oh, how I want a matching one for me!! I may just have to accidentally stop in at Bloomin' Yarns tomorrow!!) to an ensemble from CQ of bonnet, jumper and cardi of spring green and purple pansies (Dale of Norway pattern, I bet, so gorgeous.) Not to mention a blanket with coordinating bonnet from Janice and the sweetest ruffled-bum romper from Stephanie. And we certainly cannot wrap up a recap without mentioning the amazing blanket that everyone made. Laurie took my sock leftovers from me one day a while ago. She and many other lovely knitters took those little balls to make octagons which were then sewn together and DPUtiger Amy is now attaching to a backing to create, quite probably, the best baby gift ever. Talk about taking a village!

I am truely humbled by the outpouring of friendship, generosity and good wishes that I have received in the last few months as we all anticipate the arrival of the newest Mayhem.

How does that go?

Home is where you make it.

Bloom where you are planted.

However you want to say, it is a beautiful thing.


Celtic Queen said...

Yep it was a Dale pattern. And as for pictures, Laurie will have to supply. I didn't get any good ones of your yummy yarny gifts.

LaurieG said...

OK, ok, check your inbox...

DPUTiger said...

I'm tacking down those ModPods as quickly as I can! Then to figure out what to do with the edge ... :-) It was very cool to see you remembering all the yarns in that little blanket. I'm sure the new addition will love it!