Monday, September 07, 2009

Last of Summer

We went to the Heinz History Center to see the Lincoln exhibit. We stumbled upon these... as I stood there, mocking the long line of ooglers taking pictures of trophies that have absolutely nothing to do with their lives (it's called reflected glory,) I noticed that the Mister had that same look. I can deny him nothing. So, even I took a picture of him and his kids and the silly trophies. INBA is mad because he wanted to be by the most recent one on the other end. Sorry kid, must learn to express oneself in more coherent ways than a grunt and a stomp. I really wanted to get out of town at least once this summer. So we headed to Sandusky, Ohio where we found the aforementioned Cream Puff (which btw, the boys split and still only ate about half between the two of them. It was HUGE!) We also went to Cedar Point. I am really glad we went this year instead of waiting until next summer like I had promised the boys. Lil'OnE did awesome in the stroller and it would have been a nightmare if she was trying to walk around.
Here she is, chillin' in the stroller but still cozy on the Great Lake in her sweater from Julia.

INBA with his 'train face.' All I can do is giggle. He is so serious about trains and his future as an engineer. I hope it comes true for him. You know, Mr. Obama has no bigger supporter for high speed rail than our INBA.

In the stocks... check out INBA on the end!

The Mister and the boys stood in line for 45 minutes for an 18 second ride on this thing. Straight up at 120 miles per hour. No thank you. I will wait with the baby. (I had a sock to work on :)
I am a purist. I love the old wooden roller coasters. The Blue Streak was awesome.
And then, Back to School. 2nd grade and 4th grade. Big kids.
Little kid. Sweater by Laurie, blanket by all my Friday night knitterly friends.
We are spoiled.
And warm.
It was 48 degrees when we went down to the bus on August 31! It has been cool every day, since, too. Weird year.
I am renewing my resolve to post at least twice a week... I am on facebook, now, and it is a little distracting. lol.


DPUTiger said...

Glad you had an awesome trip north. Great pictures!

LaurieG said...

She looks like a fairy tale princess in that sweater! :)

Rani said...

I love all the knitted goods! Great pics. Didn't the summer go by so quickly!? ... it always does.