Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Trick Is

Not to sit down. If I keep moving, well, I keep moving. That Newton guy knew what he was talking about. Trouble is, I have a baby that needs to be fed and cuddled. This involves sitting down periodically. Then, I have trouble getting started again.
I would show you all the knitting that I have done, but sekrit xmas stuff is going on here. Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures upon delivery.
So, that makes this entry preeeetty boring.
Kid updates- Eldest is having trouble delivering important papers to school, unless it involves him getting tickets for lunch.
INBA is still insisting that he cannot read and refuses to do so. But he can read, he just doesn't enjoy it as much as his brother does and has to work a little harder. How do I get it thru to him that he is not his brother and to expect himself to be his brother is not helping anyone?
Lil'onE is growing like a weed. She is very vocal, loves to make raspberries (wow, that girl has a lot of saliva) and likes to rub things between her finger and thumb.

Life is hectic... Happy Holidaze!


Celtic Queen said...

Try this with INBA, point out how he's the expert on trains, sharks, and dogs, while his brother is more of a book expert. Everyone has that one super power and super heroes would be pretty boring if Superman webbed people while Spidey was flying around in a cape. Both pretty darn awesome on their own.

LaurieG said...

Read aloud. Some kids just don't develop reading skills quickly enough to read by themselves what they're really interested in. Pick something super interesting and then stop just at the most exciting or interesting parts. Sooner or later the question will come -- Can I read this on my own? Also, you can become draconian on bedtimes, but then let it slide for Eldest "because he's reading." Later bedtime = INCENTIVE!