Monday, March 05, 2007

Do A Little Dance

Happy Feet!
Well, ok, happy Heather. The wait was excruciating!
But it is here, and that flier in the foreground is what I want for my birthday...
Well, before my birthday, since it is Sock Camp the week before my age ticks another year past.
One must have dreams.
But I do have a Frequent Flier ticket burning a hole in my carry-on.
The colorway is called MONSOON, quite possibly the most beautiful yarn ever.
The pattern in the kit is for a REVERSIBLE sock-- they beat you to it, CQ!!-- with cable in the leg, knit toe up. YUM!!
I need to get the jitterbug socks off the needles.
I am about 4 inches down the leg and it always seems that the leg takes the longest.
My Sprig Cable Cardigan is moving along. I finished the back and have begun pattern stitches on the fronts-- I am knitting both fronts at the same time, I don't trust myself to make them even.
I think that may be why I like knitting in the round when at all possible.
Oh, and CJ's T-rex. I need to do the front limbs and he will be done, too.
Please, smack me if I ever say I want to knit a toy, again.
Lion Roars
March is roaring in in fine fashion
The wind is insane and soooo cold.
It was blowing snow around to near white out conditions this afternoon, but I see now that negligible amounts have stuck to anything.
Still, I am looking forward to the lamb and some warmer weather--even though that means that the oak trees start blooming and I am unable to leave the house unmedicated.
Please, who is allergic to oak trees?
Have you ever heard of such a thing?
And uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

I did feel a bit robbed by the reversible sock but mine will use two colors. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

LaurieG said...

Remember? Oak pollen honey. Think Baclava. Invite us over, you'll get sick if you eat the whole thing.