Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy Weekend

Spring Inspiration
Hello, Crocus!
I am seeing this beauty as inspiration for a colorway.
Plans are being laid for my first excursion into dye-my-own-yarn love.
I am hoping to come away with a skein of Crocus.
Let's all cross our fingers, now.
Thank you.

The Harlot is coming! The Harlot is coming!
This is my hat to represent.
How come no one ever says how hard it is to take a picture in the bathroom mirror?

I think it looks better on, but you can see it a bit better off.
I think the pom-pom makes it.
I am not very good at pom-poms, perhaps because I have a love/hate relationship with the pom-pom. Well, not this pom-pom, just pom-poms in general. I don't care for most garter stitch, either, but it has it's moments, too. That's another day.
Anyway, my current pom-pom issue is that it is not as tight as I would like it to is floppy! Maybe this is why I don't care much for pom-poms?
But I will give it over to represent, put my knitterly love out there to keep a head warm. Hopefully the receipient won't mind a little floppy pom-pom.

Let it Roll...
The Egg-Roll was rained out on Saturday.
Sunday afternoon proved to be a gorgeous make up time.
The boys grabbed their eggs and immediately camped out to sugar up.

This is INBA's pose.
I didn't know what he was doing, at first.
He was a bit peeved with me for taking too long to snap the pic.

The kids did an egg-roll and a couple of relays...
So cute,
So fun,
So soggy.
Check out INBA's backside.
His egg broke after only two wacks, but the yolk was pretty hard and made it to the finish line!

Eldest used the egg he dyed to run his relay.
Lucky for them, Mommy has some nice wooden spoons with good bowls to hold an egg pretty easily.
I wouldn't call that cheating, just another example of the right tool for the job.

Winter Took Its Toll
Oh, and then Eldest took advantage and broke up the front porch.
I don't think he realized what would happen when he broke out that one brick, but we ended up after a bit with about 6 or 7 bricks removed from the front of it.
So the Mister took advantage of the first nice day and fixed it.

I told him that I took this picture for evidence of child labor when CPS calls. He didn't think it was funny. Brick laying is a life skill. And besides, you help break it, you help fix it.

All work and no play would be dull for boys.

The finished project.
And in true fix-it style, only 4 left over bricks...
Looks good, though.
Next repair is a rip out and put down interlocking pavers.
Hopefully not until next spring!

There is no point in trying.
Someone, whom I admire and respect as the Big Brother I Never Had, has said to me repeatedly, "Once you just love the Steelers, everything will be ok."
I told him that was bunk. But my boys have been indoctrinated with Steeler *ugh* mania. So, I thought I would try to be a good Mommy and indulge a little black and gold that isn't explicitly 'steelers' logo. I came across this Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in 'Bee Stripe' and snapped up 4 skeins. I figured, socks for INBA and mittens for Eldest.
I win because I get to knit nice yarn into things that my boys would wear and I could just ignore the colorway.
Do you know what they said when I showed them the yarn?!?!
INBA shouted, "NO! I don't like it!"
Eldest said, "Why?"
The Mister was the most enthusiastic with a, "sure" when I offered INBA's yarn for socks to him.
Can you understand my disappointment? I am trying here, people!
So, BBINH, The Steelers are not a magic pill.
I don't want to say 'I told you so," but, "I told you so."

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LaurieG said...

Love the hat! And the pom-pom looks good too. (Everybody's pom-poms get a little floppy over time). And I don't get the reaction to the black & gold yarn. Socks to wear on black and gold day? They should be all over that. But then, they were deprived of that Steeler bathroom.