Saturday, March 03, 2007

No Love, but I am Smart!

No Blue Moon for me today. I thought MailMan Tim liked me better than that...

I did find something nice in my mailbox. The Celtic Queen was a)feeling sorry for me, b)indulging instant gratification or c) being nice to me and left me some Crystal Palace Bamboo 6inch double pointed needles--size 0 in my mailbox. She isn't spoiling, but this is the size required for the pattern that I do not yet have. Does it make it better or worse to have tools in hand and nothing to swatch? Hmmm. I double checked the front porch this evening-- just to be sure-- so I am fondling my skinny needles.

But that is ok, cuz I am smart. Stop laughing. It said so right in the February 2007 issue of Child Magazine. And I quote:

Are Breastfed Babies Smarter? (no, my mother did not breastfeed me, but read on) Yes, but that's likely because their mothers are too. Researchers from the British Medical Research Council report that maternal IQ accounts for most of the difference between breastfed and non-breastfed babies' intelligence levels. But breast milk does help protect against infection and certain illnesses.

There you go, next time someone gives you stupid and selfish and just plain wrong reasons that they are not going to breastfeed their precious child... just tell them 'stupid is as stupid does.' -- as gently as you can.

I think I shall go tuck in my brilliant little boys, now. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's a form of enabling. If you're enjoying your tools and wanting to knit as much as I do, I don't look nearly as crazy. :) We can all look crazy together.