Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another Distraction

The Celtic Queen has plunged headlong into the blogosphere. So now, every time I mention her name I have to add this link http://livetoknitknittolive.blogspot.com behind her name or initials. Good thing she is amusing, otherwise I might be inclined not to mention her so much. Just kidding, sweetheart, you know I love you. Still, she was going on about how much her boys appreciate her knitting and it made me laugh... not at her, but at my own children.

Eldest is rather unimpressed by my creative outbursts. The hat is useful, it is the only one around, so he wears it. Scarf, similar story. The purple school vest, well, it is school color purple. Daddy's Blue Cable Sweater? Well, that is kinda cool, it has a cable. Everything he saw after that with a cable, "Mommy! You can do that!" Why yes, Mommy can.
So, Mommy, wanting to please her man-child, lets him pick out the yarn and sets to making him another vest-- with a cable (ok, basic braid, but let's not split yarns, ok?) He is anxious, he wants it to be done in time for Easter. No problem. Mommy quit working on her cardigan to get his vest done.
I excitedly show him the progress this morning. I only need to do the neck ribbing!
You know what he says?
"Oh, ok."
Enthusiasm, nil.
Yesterday I finished the first of a pair of socks for INBA.
He wore the one sock around all afternoon.

I guess I just couldn't handle having more than one boy that liked my knitting.
I will distract myself with a knit along.


Rani said...

Just found your site and love it! As to the tracks you found. Could they be Coyote or Fox? Fox would look like a small dog, coyote a bit bigger! Their very common in the midwest suburbs. I have a boy with one sock, too!

Celtic Queen said...

GREEN?? Sock Knit Along? But nobody likes green. :)

And hang in there on the love of knitting. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

LaurieG said...

I think it's a first born thing. My older has socks, sweaters...nothing. Nothing saw use until his brother grew into them and started wearing them. The younger wore his hand knit socks that were in need of laundering today choosing them above all other socks (even the clean ones. sheesh.)