Thursday, March 29, 2007

Must Be the Phase of the Moon or Still no Love?

Here is my pile of Heilo. I am waiting ever less patiently for the rest to arrive. I am hot to start the Mister's Bauhaus Fair Isle Sweater and am also having the darndest time getting ahold of the yarn!
The Celtic Queen's favorite LYS allowed me to buy what you see but then refuses any more of my business! I was told that they would order the other 10 balls that I need on the 1st of March when I was in the store. I called last Saturday and the woman who helped me seemed baffled. "I will call you Monday." she says... Well, she didn't. I can take a hint. So I ordered my yarn from SpinBlessing. I haven't received it, yet. But then, it has only been two days. *sigh* It's like waiting for your *birthday* and then your party is postponed.
I guess working on my hat to Represent for Yarn Harlot has gotten my Fair Isle Mojo working... probably good to be anxious for the yarn to arrive, maybe get a running start. I only have 9 months until Christmas, 10 'til his birthday, I need all the momentum I can muster.

Yarn belches.
This is the state of a Spring Holiday project. I made a ball out of some bernat ladder yarn (I tossed the lable, oops) that I bought at Michael's for a dollar (on sale- obviously not worth more:) and pulled one end from each side to work this scarf... it grabs onto itself with more passion than I have seen in a while! So annoying. I am trying to knit as far as I can before cutting and sacrificing yardage. Never Surrender!

I think it is the Moon.
Check out what my sock yarn did! It didn't just burp, it pretty much tossed its lunch.

It is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Multiringel color 2210.

But, I am in Love... ok, blind infatuation.

I adapted a eyelet chevron pattern for the round and look how great it is!! I am so hooked (I think it is the purl ridge that does it for me)... have to limit myself to only one repeat, otherwise... well, a girl needs her sleep. I guess these will get done faster than anticipated. They can't stay relegated to intermitent-waits-while-out-and-about time.

This is a problem, though. I wanted to have my Green Socks be my fancy at home sock knitting and this be the carry around. My Cardigan is languishing on the end of the family room sofa and I can hardly think about anything other than the Mister's BHFI!! I may need to be disciplined and keep these as carry along and turn my attention to my cardi. I bet I could get most of it done before the rest of the Heilo arrives.

Do you think any of this has something to do with the onset of spring and the blooming oak trees and sunshine and the warmth that has blessed our neighborhood? Startitis to go along with the itchy, watery eyes and stuffy nose? (and yes, Laurie, I have been eating the spring honey all winter.)

*shameless plug for the upcoming birthday of someone we know and love...ME!*

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So, if I were shopping for someone's upcoming birthday, what kind of gifts would you recommend?