Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wild Suburbia

There are Wild Things in Suburbia... look at this track that made its way across my yard!
I circled the two closest prints... and those are my petite size 8.5 shoe prints up and down my front walk...
What on earth is stalking here!!
The closest I could find in my googling...
a rabbit?
We do usually have a bunch of rabbits running around the neighborhood in the spring. I didn't realize that they leave such a large track!
Unless of course, it isn't a rabbit.
But I checked all the scary stuff I could think of... no moutain lion, no bear, no ginourmous killer deer, no fox or wolf... I am comfortable with it being a rabbit.
If you can tell me for sure, please do.

One must really be careful in Suburbia.

Distractions needed when contemplating Wild Life...
The wilds of socks are much less scary.
Unless that means knitting at 8spi a yarn that is perfectly happy at 6.5 or 7.
But I did get guage on the beautiful size 0s that the Celtic Queen bestowed upon me.
Next step, instep. heh.
Really, we must begin with the toe, but that didn't amuse me.

Is it Friday, yet?


LaurieG said...

But it's got 3 toes. The only thing that I know of that's 3 toed are dinosaurs. Better call the Carnegie.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Those are, in fact, rabbit tracks. Nice call!


Anonymous said...

Hi, We have a rabbit way up north 2 that has the same tracks..if I was a rabbit i'd take my happy rabbit feet and hop to the palm trees.
I do love your blog