Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where's the LOVE??

Well, I know where my love is, I just wonder where his is.

I finished Eldest's requested cable vest last night. I crept into his room, while he was sleeping, and draped it across his dresser.
Isn't the picture beautiful?

What? You think this is the Emperor's New Vest?

*sigh* This was the conversation this morning...

"Eldest? Did you see what I left you?"
"I put it in my drawer."
"Ugh! Go try it on!"
"It looks penty big, maybe too big."
"Go try it on anyway."
pause, returns
"I thought you were going to try on your vest?"
"I did. It fits. Maybe a little big."
"I want to see. Go try it again."
pause, returns
"See, it's a little big."
"No, that fits very nicely. What do you think? Do you like it?"
"Yeah, I am going to take it off, now."
*sigh* the enthusiasm is overwhelming.

Maybe I will knit Mr. H. another dinosaur, just for the love.


LaurieG said...

I think you need to trot out your reverse psychology. Try this: "Eldest, I think you're right. That vest is too big. In fact, I think you need to put it away until you are big enough, to wear it. That's really a big boy vest. We wouldn't want anyone to think you were in THIRD grade." But you have to say it like you mean it.

And I hate the New Blogger. I never remembers me.

Rani said...

Ha ha ha! Laurieg is a very wise woman! This is why my eldest (8) doesn't receive hand-knit items until he begs for them. ps. Ultra cool sock yarn is Katia Jamaica. I'll add the store link. PPSS Love to see a picture of the vest!