Saturday, February 02, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Some lovely child is going to look smashing in red socks.
There is still plenty of time for you to make a baby warm, too.And another distraction, I mean, rationalization for doing what I do, is this blog.
Fun and inspiration and enabling, all rolled into one.
The Monsoon STR from Last February is finally knit up. I did use the garter stitch short row heel from the Feb. pattern, but that was it. It is nice yarn to knit with and the color is *sigh* wonderful. I am anxious about how these will wash and wear. My other knit up STR is furry and greying... but still warm and soft.

Pinewood Derby 2008
Eldest took 2nd place in his den, but didn't make top three in the Pack Finals. He is thrilled and proud and roaring to go for next year. He is plotting the enhancements already!
Way to go, Eldest!!


Rani said...

OH! Congrats on the race win! We had both boys in, but never placed. sigh. There's always next year!


LaurieG said...

Hey! You made my day! Check out my post today.