Monday, February 11, 2008

2 hour delay!

It was 4 degrees (F) this morning and windy. There was talk of -25 degree wind chill.
So, the school was delayed.
The boys don't go back to bed though. Oh, no. I think they were up about 15 minutes early even!
I guess that is what I get for staying up late to finish this... He found it laying on the arm of the chair and put it on immediately. :)
Last Thursday Night Knitting (Bloomin Yarns) Dee asked if I was going to have it done for Valentine's Day for him.
Brilliant idea! And the inspiration I needed to crank it out.
Thanks, Dee! 'cept the kid couldn't wait and wore it to school today.
He says he will wear it again on Thursday, anyway.
Do my bidding...
ok, maybe not so much.
But the Mister took the boys over to a birthday party at the Center for Creative Play yesterday and he asked me if I wanted him to stop at Trader Joes.
I especially look forward to going to TJ's now because they opened a yarn shop in the same plaza. Dangerous? Yes. Delightful? Definately.
What won out?
I *heart* Spicy Chai Latte.
And I am really busy this week and it would be next week, maybe, before I could go.
That is the thing about having INBA in 1/2 day kindergarten. One must painfully prioritize what gets done in those 4 precious hours. The 2 1/2 between when INBA gets home and Eldest gets home allows for hardly more than a grocery run to Giant Eagle.
Speaking of chores... the laundry is calling.
Hope your week is wonderful (and warm!)


DPUTiger said...

Warm? HA! Lots of cool new yarn to play with, though. And that doesn't even count the awesome new stuff Michelle got in at BY! Now I just need an extra 6 hours in a day so I can hit all my deadlines! Stay warm yourself. The vest looks fantastic! :)

LaurieG said...

And he didn't go to Constructin Junction too? Next time you're going to TJ's call me and I'll make a break for the door when no one's looking.