Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sock Angst

A red cable sock about to go to the frog pond.
Gauge issues, of course.
That is the one thing about Senstional Knitted Socks, if you don't have the yarn to get you gauge for the size sock that you want... there really isn't room to manipulate the pattern and make it work. Especially the cable patterns.
I was pretending this wasn't true. Even though, I know it is.
Good-bye, red cable sock, it was fun knitting you.
An amusing aside-
I had INBA try it on this morning as I was admitting the truth of the situation, and he said, "Nope, doesn't fit, rip it out and make a new one!"
*ack* Just like it was simple and easy!
Unamusing aside-
2 hour delay again this morning.
I don't like 2 hour delays.
Maybe rewinding that yarn will be a nice distraction.


Rani said...

isn't there anyone who it would fit? It's such a gorgeous sock! I'm weeping for you!

LaurieG said...

Two hour delay again tomorrow I'm betting! I wish I could play hooky and come visit. The sock is gorgeous.