Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fool's Game

I was so happy yesterday, thinking that I had survived a really busy week.
Then, I checked to make sure my post was posted properly... and it was dated WEDNESDAY! OMG! Really? Thursday and Friday still to go?!?
And still chugging along, although the worst is indeed over. And really, I don't mean to complain. I enjoy every minute of what I have been doing. I just am not used to being on someone else's time frame and juggling things that I do not usually juggle.
It is a little stressful.
So let's think about Monkeys instead.
Disco Socka Color color no. 1.
I think I saw somewhere it was called Marine.
Gorgeous works just as well.
I sure wish I knew the trick to get the sparkle to photograph.


LaurieG said...

Just think -- Saturday is Groundhog day!!

Rani said...

Love the socks! You've also just been tagged with a "You Make My Day" award.