Thursday, January 03, 2008

Don't Forget the Bear!

Remember, it is for a good cause and is really quick to knit... which is a good thing because I need you to get it on its way to me this weekend. :) Thanks. This was Grandma's gift to Eldest.
The KNEX Coaster Ferris Wheel.
I think that the Mister (mechanical engineer) enjoyed helping to put it together as much as the boys did.
The Rockin' Sock Club shipment arrived just before Christmas, too.
Very pretty.
I didn't sign up for next year. I think when it comes down to it, I am just not a good club girl. I don't get all wrapped up in what everyone else is doing... unless I think it is a good idea for me, too. Shockingly non-trendy. Yep, that is me. Suburban Housewife, boring me.
Boring as I am, I do make some cute stuff.
Like this korknisse out of sock yarn (leftover Mardi Gras Jitterbug.)
I made, oh, 8 or so of these little guys and gave all but this one away.
And since my spinning wheel was my Christmas gift and INBA was impatient with the hand spindle and Laurie had carded up all that colorful wool for him, we spun this up on my wheel. I plied the colors with some white that I had done previously and then finished plying color on color. I still need to wash it, but when it is done, he wants mittens. The picture does it no justice, it is quite pretty.
But everything is a process.
Here is a vest for Eldest, I hope to finish this weekend. It is a nice dark purple (grape 39,) Nashua Creative Focus Superwash Merino. The light is funny today... Pittsburgh Winter.
And a sock of Lorna's Laces Safari... just a plain sock. I gifted Celtic Queen some Sahara Jitterbug for Wool-tide and suffered from wanton desire for the colorway (it doesn't help that it was Jitterbug.) This was the closest in the stash. Nice, but like having a burger when you really want pizza.
This is the first sock in STR Monsoon (February club color) that I am doing in Garter Rib. It is a really nice sock! I am anxious to get the other done. I did a short row garter heel. Love it! You don't have to pick up wraps. FAB! So I did a garter stitch toe, too, to try to keep it even. I don't think that I really needed to do that, now. I am very excited about this pair. Better pics later. I seem to have as much a thing for a purl ridge as I do for sparkles!


Celtic Queen said...

Look at you go! I'm feeling behind on the spinning now. BUT, I'm knitting up the second bear and will just have to seam and stuff before I visit.

Girl Raised in the South said...

Enjoyed seeing you again tonight at open knitting, and will have fun following your posts of knittingn mixed in with the other stuff that makes up life. Bev

Darka said...

Thanks for looking at my blog! For about a year it was only my sister and mom who would read and leave anonymous comments for me. I like those little cork guys!